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MT-Cumulus is a Flash-based tag cloud for Movable Type. It is written as a plugin for MT 4.x and is a direct port of Roy Tanck's popular Wordpress plugin.

MT-Cumulus displays tags on a rotating sphere. A users mouse controls the direction and speed of the sphere allowing them to interactively navigate the tag cloud.

MT-Cumulus features:

* Enable/disable on a per-blog basis
* Set width and height
* Set foreground and background colors
* Set rotation speed
* Set number of tags to display in cloud
* Set minimum and maximum font sizes
* Can use tags and blog categories in cloud
* Includes SWFObject
* SEO techniques used
* MT-Cumulus v1.0.0 is based on WP-Cumulus v1.13


URI::Escape and List::Util, both are commonly used Perl modules which should be installed on most hosting providers servers.