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Plugin and Theme Directory FAQ

Can I submit material even if I do not have a Github account?

Yes. You can submit material by directly filling out a submission form with all required information, such as the plug-in or theme name and description.

I registered as a directory user, however I can't log in.

You should receive an email from the management team shortly after user registration. This email contains an account confirmation link that you need to click on in order to complete the registration process. If you do not click this link, you cannot access your account.

I tried to search for something but got an error message.

There have been reports of the search function not working correctly when using Internet Explorer versions older than IE 10. Our recommendation if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer is to either upgrade your browser or use a different browser.

I tried to register something to my Github repository but it didn't work.

When registering information to the Github repository, you need to have either [config.yaml] (for plug-ins) or [theme.yaml] (for themes) for the information to register correctly.

After updating information in the Github repository, do I need to manually update the corresponding information in the directory?

No. If a [Webhook URL] is specified under [Service Hooks] during registration, a push notification will be sent by Github to the directory when any changes are made. The directory will then automatically update with the new information.


An error occured while I was using the directory.

If you send a copy of the error message along with a description of what you were doing prior to receiving the message to, it will help us in finding and fixing the bug that caused the error.

Is Github the only available repository to submit plug-ins and themes from?

At this time, yes. If you do not have a Github repository, however, it is still possible to submit plug-ins or themes by providing us with all necessary information directly.

We are planning on adding repositories other than Github in the future, so be on the look out.

I accidentally submitted the wrong plug-in or theme for publication, and I want to delete it.

No problem! You can edit or delete any submitted plug-ins or themes, even if they haven't been published yet.

Can I edit or delete my published plug-ins or themes?

Yes. You are free to edit or delete any of your plug-ins or themes directly from the directory.

Will my plug-in or theme be published exactly in the form I submit it in?

No. Once our team has approved the submission, an English or Japanese translation might be added along with the plug-in or theme, depending on the situation. In this case, some text descriptions may be edited slightly.

Once I submit a plug-in or theme, will it be immediately visible in the directory?

No. Every submission needs to be reviewed by the management team before publication. Depending on the situation, our team might also have to translate information provided along with the plug-in or theme into English or Japanese, which could take a few days.

Do I need to create a directory user account to submit a plug-in or theme?

Yes. One of the main reasons is so users can search for plugins and themes, not only by name but also by author.

Along with the search function, we also plan on creating a badge merit system in the future to reward developers on the number of plug-ins or themes submitted, which would require a user account to work correctly.

Can I submit material from another person's Github repository?

No. You can submit material from your personal repository as well as authorized material from an organization's repository that you are a member of.

Can I submit material registered on Github that is marked as [private]?

No. If material on Github is marked as [private], it cannot be accessed by the directory. Only public information can be submitted.