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Plugin and Theme Directory

With Movable Type’s development framework, you can extend your system in as many ways as you can imagine. You can then easily share your work with others through this directory, which contains hundreds of plugins and themes you can use today.

Interested in creating plugins and themes? See Plugin and Theme Guidelines to get started. Soon you’ll ready to share your work with the world!


The work on display here demonstrates the flexibility and power of Movable Type. We hope you’ll use these resources to create your own plugins and themes to contribute.

GitHub integration

Developers whose plugin and theme projects are published on GitHub and appropriately formatted can easily submit their work to be considered for the directory.

Quality assurance

Plugins and themes are reviewed for compatibility and quality by Six Apart staff and through community moderation.

Featured Plugins

Website & Blog Organizer Verified

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to reorganize the website and blog hierarchy. This can be especially useful after upgrading from Movable Type 4, before websites were introduced.

NotifyWho?! Verified

The NotifyWho?! plugin enables you to control exactly who should receive entry, comment and TrackBack notifications for each blog and when.

Publish Queue Manager 5.26.0 Verified

This plugin provides a simple user interface in the Movable Type administrative system to view, change priority, and delete publishing jobs from the built-in “Publish Queue” system — a system by which files are published in the background. Keeping an eye on what is publishing is a great way to understand what is happening at any given time!

Ghostwriter Verified

Ghostwriter is a Movable Type plugin that adds a control to change the author on Edit Entry and Edit Page screens. Perfect when the person entering or editing content is not the user to be specified as the author. Documentation…

Locksmith Verified

A plugin for Movable Type which prevents entries and templates from being edited by more than one user at the same time.

Featured Themes


Eiger 5.26.0 Verified

“Eiger” is a customizable Responsive Web Design theme, designed for blogs and corporate websites. In addition to multi-device viewing support, provided via Media Query (CSS), Movable Type functions make customizing navigational contents as well as image elements, such as logos, headers or banners, very simple.

Rainier Verified

Rainier is a multi-device compatible theme based on Media Queries (CSS.) It can evaluate how the user accesses a blog or site, such as through a PC, smart phone, tablet, etc., and then adjusts the size and design of the page to best fit the device. Rainier also offers theme, design and navigation customization options.


Apex 6.0

With Apex, a Media Queries based responsive design theme, your website or blog’s layout will be automatically adjusted to look great and stay consistent across a multitude of devices: from desktops to mobile devices and tablets. Apex offers 6 different styles, making customization easy, and changing between these styles is simple and painless.

SEO Tuning Eiger 5.26.0

Looking for an MT theme similar to the widely popular WordPress STINGER3 theme? We highly recommend the responsive web design theme, Eiger: the basic appearance is easily customizable and the SEO tag structures have been recently revamped!