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Send to Publish Queue

This plugin provides administrators with the ability to republish a blog through the Publish Queue. Send to Publish Queue can be used to republish one or many blogs.

RebuildRelatedObjects 6.0

Rebuild related entries or pages. Usage Step 1 : Create the related entry / web page ID field Provide a field where the related entry to the current entry or page is stored. This field can either be an existing…

Republish by Asset

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to republish Entries and Pages based upon Asset use. Here’s a scenario: you’ve updated the Asset — perhaps with a new Label or Description — and now you need to republish the…

Publishing Priorities

This plugin provides the means to fine-tune a template’s priority. Additionally, this plugin provides an option to make a gross adjustment to the entire blog’s priority, useful to prioritize at a more global level.

Bob the Rebuilder 5.15.2

Bob the Rebuilder provides a way to republish a blog or website (or a part of a blog or website) on a recurring schedule. For example, create a job to republish an entire blog every 24 hours, or create a job to republish all index archives every 10 minutes. An unlimited number of jobs can be created to republish any blog (or part of it) according to a number of set frequency choices.

QuickRebuild Verified

Features: Rebuild a specific archive type with the one click. Rebuild all blogs with the one click….

MemcachedLocal 4.3

A plugin for speeding up rebuilding templates under FastCGI environment. MemcachedLocal caches the MT internal data to the local memory, which allows you to speed up rebuilding templates especially under FastCGI environment. Some MT objects have both of internal data…

DeleteAndRebuild 4.3

Basically, Movable Type does not rebuild any archives when you delete an entry, therefore, you need to rebuild all archives manually in order to keep archives consistent with the database. To solve this problem, DeleteAndRebuild Plugin automatically rebuilds archives which…

PowerRebuild ?

PowerRebuild is a plugin that allows you to rebuild comments, trackbacks, templates and blogs by simply choosing the items you wish to rebuild and clicking a button….