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MappingBasedArchive 6.0 Verified

This plugin provides “Path Based” archive mapping.



  • You can group entries by output path.
  • You can use custom field’s value easily for path of “Path Based” archive mapping.
    • Well supported types
      • Drop Down Menu
      • Radio Buttons
  • You can use the AnotherCustomFields (Japanese only plugin instead of the custom field.
  • Not only you can use the custom field’s value directory, but also you can use the range of the value.
  • You can sort archive by any value.
  • You can set a title of archive by the settings of a mapping.

CustomFieldEx Japanese only

This plugin provides new types of custom fields for use. Each field can be customized with input restrictions such as character limitation (ex. max-length=10), alphanumeric characters only, and unique value checks.

Widget Set Custom Field

This plugin defines a new custom field type that allows users to select and associate with pages and entries a widget set installed in the current blog.

Field Day ?

FieldDay is a plugin for Movable Type that lets you add more fields to the MT interface.

Multi Checkbox 4.3

This plugin provides a new custom field type to Movable Type Pro users. This new field type, called a “multi-checkbox” allows one to have multiple checkbox as opposed to a single checkbox. A new template tag will also be defined for these custom fields to determine whether or not a checkbox has been checked.

Two Dimensional Select 4.3

This plugin provides a new custom field type to Movable Type Pro users. This new field type, called a “two dimensional select” allows one to have a pull down menu, which when a selection is made, reveals a second pull down menu to further narrow down the user’s choice.

More Custom Fields

The Custom Fields found in Movable Type Pro are a boon to creating a flexible and robust site. When the standard field types don’t quite meet your needs however, get More Custom Fields! Checkbox Group Message Multi-Use Single-Line Text Group…

Linked Entry Custom Fields

This plugin converts custom fields created by the RightFields plugin [1] to Movable Type’s native custom fields. It also provides an additional custom field type that RightFields provided: the linked entry [2]. INSTALLATION Unpack the distribution package to your Movable…