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A-Form to Salesforce Japanese only

Our “A-Form to Salesforce” add-on (includes MT plugins A-Form, A-Member, and A-Reserve) allows the user to easily take contact data collected through Movable Type corporate websites and use it alongside the popular SaaS/Cloud CRM (customer management) service, Salesforce.

A-Form Payment Japanese only

A-Form Payment is a Movable Type plugin that allows the addition of commerce related forms (calculate total purchased form and payment method form) to your website. Combine A-Form and A-Form Payment to more easily add simple shopping features to any…

A-Reserve Japanese only

A-Reserve is a plugin that adds date and time reservation functions to Movable Type websites. Examples of situations where a reservation might be required include: restaurants, spas, hotels, clinics, and sports facilities, among many others. Collect reservation information with a…

A-Member Japanese only

A-Member is a Movable Type plugin designed to help build and operate a member registration website. Functions / Features Restrict access to content with ID and Password verification (password up to 8 characters) Displays a successful log in message upon…

MoreAnalytics 6.0

After connecting Movable Type 6 and Google Analytics, the MoreAnalytics plugin analyzes access data collected by Google Analytics and displays this information on the MT6 admin screen.

DataAPIPublicCache 6.0 Verified

This plugin enables to cache Data API public response via .htaccess.

Action Stream: Newsfeed ?

The Action Streams plugin is great, but one area it causes trouble for some users is that there is no Atom or RSS feed service. The closest option is to use the Website service and hope that auto-discovery will find the feed you want, but there are many circumstances where that simply isn’t a feasible option. This plugin remedies that with Atom and RSS services.

AccessRankingGA Japanese only

AccessRankingGA gets unique visitors data from Google Analytics report information and generates JSON files. This plug-in uses the original jQuery plug-in and lists JSON data within the contents. Access rankings using GoogleAnalytics data can be easily implemented in Movable Type.

Location 6.0 Japanese only

This plugin allows map display in an entry if the user provides a location. These entries will then become search-able by the location keyword via Data API.

Google Analytics Most Popular 4.3

This is an old plugin I wrote in 2009 for a client’s Movable Type 4 site. I am not providing support for this plugin, but here it is for any adventurous developers to work with….

Private Label Feed 4.3

Private Label Feed gives you more control over the URL you use for your Atom/RSS feed without sacrificing the features (such as user statistics) of feed proxies like Feedburner

Store Front 4.3

Adds the ability for administrators to define for use on their web site a collection of products which can be sold through a selection of payment processors, like PayPal or Google Checkout for the express purpose of allowing users to assemble a digital store front, or put a “pay wall” in front of select pieces of content quickly and easily using Movable Type or Melody.

Convio SSO Authentication 4.3

This plugin provides a “dual-mode” authentication driver for for Melody and Movable Type v4.x which works with Convio’s Single Signon Open API to provide authentication services for both locally-created and Convio-created user accounts.

SmsCoin 4.3

This is a plugin for one of the most powerful platforms that enables you to hide any part of your blog. New visitors to your site will see instructions to pay via SMS in order to access the content. The…

AdSpeed Ad Server ?

This module enables you to display ads in your MovableType templates and manage, serve, track ad impressions and clicks with your existing account….

FlickrPhotosList ?

FlickrPhotosList is plugin for MovableType. This plugin get photos from Flickr and outputs or elements. See a demo….


This is a MovableType plugin which posts the entry to the other blogs and sites with Atom Pub when you publish it. XMLRPC version is also available….


This is a MovableType plugin which posts the entry to the other blogs and sites with XML-RPC when you publish it….

Twitter API 4.3

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that adds TwitterAPI support to your blog.

GarminConnectService ?

A Movable Type Action Stream service that allows for importing activity from a Garmin Connect account. By default it reports all activities as bike rides, but the description in config.yaml can be changed to anything….

PubSubHubbub 4.3

Publishes PubSubHubbub pings to Hubs when a new entry is created (or a feed is updated)…

GoogleMap 4.3 Japanese only

This plugin allows you to associate latitude and longitude coordinates with your entries, and then to push them out via template tags. Useful for creating maps and more. This plugin uses the GoogleMap API version 2.0….

Facebook Action Streams 4.3

While Action Streams contains a profile link for Facebook, it does not contain any way to get an Action Stream from Facebook. This plugin changes that, in conjunction with the YourData application on Facebook….

Locator 4.3

This plugin enables one to relate location information to each data type in Movable Type (user, blog, and entry). Google Maps is used as the primary interface. This plugin can be used with MT4 (To a partial target) and MT3.3…. Action Streams 4.3

A very simple action stream to add your activities on to your stream. The plugin pulls in plugins you have posted and your “activity” as defined by the list on your profile page. As the actual XML for your…

CPAN Action Streams 4.3

Adds support for CPAN uploads to Action Streams, allowing authors to link to their CPAN profiles, and have an action each time they post or update a CPAN module….

Spore Action Stream 4.3

Share your creations from Spore in your Action Stream! Adds the link and also shows the thumbnail of the creature from the Sporepedia, which visitors to your site can then drag into their Creature Creator….

Post Office Verified

Post Office is a plugin for Movable Type that allows users to post to their blog via email. It works by connecting Movable Type to an existing email account, like GMail or any POP or IMAP compliant mailbox, and periodically scanning for messages to post.

YourBlog Activity Stream 4.3

Generic activity feed for Action Streams plugin which you can configure to point to your personal blog on any blog platform. Requires some direct editing of config.yaml (no simple mapping between profile and rss feed) in order to be as… Recently Played Tracks 4.3

Adds “Recently played tracks” from to your Action Stream Default Action Streams plugin ships with a profile service for, but this does not give information on user activity….

Amazon Wish List 4.3

Uses Amazon-generated RSS feeds to create an action stream of new items added to a wish list. Grabs the medium size image as a thumbnail, if your template is configured to show thumbnails….

TripIt Action Stream 4.3

Takes an activity feed from a TripIt account and creates an Action Stream for it….

DeliciousJSON 4.3

Add tags to show your bookmarks on, from JSON….

Fire Eagle 4.3

The Fire Eagle plugin for Movable Type connects your Movable Type profile to your account on Yahoo’s Fire Eagle service, making your Movable Type install location-aware. It adds your “Current Location” —pulled periodically from Fire Eagle— to your profile, makes…

Action Streams

The Action Streams plugin is an amazing new plugin for Movable Type 4.1 that lets you aggregate, control, and share your actions around the web as well as a list of your profiles on various services. With the Action Streams…

HatenaBookmarker 4.3

HatenaBookmaker is a Movable Type plugins which allows you to cross-post your entries to the “Hatena bookmark”, which is a well-known social bookmarking service in Japan….

PostJaiku ?

Enables cross-posting of new or edited entries to Posted in the format: text “title” (permalink) Set your jaiku username, api key, location, prefered icon, introductory text and if you want to use tinyurl’d permalinks through the plugins settings page….

CrossPoster 4.3

CrossPoster is a brand new plugin for Movable Type 4 that allows you simultaneously post entries to different weblogs (on different platforms) from Movable Type: Personal bloggers enjoy keeping journals on services such as LiveJournal and Vox but find it…

MotionBased 4.3

This plugin integrates and your Movable Type blog. I love the MotionBased site but I wanted to post my GPS activities on my blog with at least a short description and a link to the full data set….

Refeed 4.3

The Refeed plugin for Movable Type 4 (MT4) provides an easy way to pull in content stored in multiple external blogs and republish or “reblog” that content locally in Movable Type. It works by providing administrators with an interface into…

Delicious Tags ?

This plugin allows you to import and display your tags into your MT blogs….

Update-n-Ping ?

Update-n-Ping plugin enables MT to send update pings when updating published entries and adding newly published entries….


PromoteThis! is a plugin for Movable Type that makes it easy for Movable Type users to add links to their favorite social bookmarking and promotion services like Digg.

FlickrPhotos 4.3

Flickr photos is a plugin that enables you to display thumbnail links of Flickr photos in your Movable Type blog. Flickr Photos focuses on displaying lists of photos, in many possible ways….

GeoLocation ?

Geo Location is a plugin to enable blog entries to contain geo-location information. It is based on Yuri Takhteyev’s entry location plugin. Geo Location is part of the Locative Blog project….

GadaBe ?

MT-GadaBe is designed to help you integrate your site with the metasearch service. Once installed, you can add MT-GadaBe search terms to your entry keywords field, and then make use of template tags to automate the process of creating…

Media Manager 4.3

Media Manager provides users and authors within Movable Type and Melody with the ability to search and insert media from a number of popular remote services like Amazon and YouTube. Using Media Manager one can open a dialog, enter a few search terms, select the book, DVD or video and optionally insert it into a blog post.

NowPlaying ?

This plugin will allow you to publish what song you are listening to on iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp at the time you write a blog entry. <p class="posted"> <MTNowPlayingIf name="title"> I was listening to <MTNowPlayingIf name="urlamazon"> <a href="<$MTNowPlaying…

Outliner ?

MT-Outliner is built to allow you to easily integrate your existing subscriptions with your site by use of a standard OPML file. Many newsreaders, both standalone and online, support the use of these files, and MT-Outliner allows you to import…