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FiscalYearlyArchives 7

The fiscal yearly archive is added. Starting month can be specificated every site. Default starting month is April….

FastestPreview 6.0 Verified

This plugin enables Movable Type to synchronize preview and editing screens….

SushiForTinyMCE 5.26.0

A plugin that adds the “Sushiyuki” Line sticker set to the Movable Type rich text editor. Once added, simply click the insert button to include these popular and cute stickers to any draft….

Ajax Ratings Pro

Ajax Rating is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to rate your entries or your blog.

RebuildRelatedObjects 6.0

Rebuild related entries or pages. Usage Step 1 : Create the related entry / web page ID field Provide a field where the related entry to the current entry or page is stored. This field can either be an existing…

Default Category Verified

This plugin lets you specify a default category for entries. There’s not much more to it than that.

CharmapForTinyMCE 5.26.0

Using charmap functionality, easily select HTML special characters from a character palette and insert them to the TinyMCE based editor.

Movable Type 6 html5slides Japanese only

html5slidesを使ってMovable Type 6のウェブサイトまたはブログでプレゼンテーションが出来るテンプレートです。簡単なプレゼン作成やウェブでのプレゼン資料公開に最適です。 ウェブサイトにも記事を書くことが出来るMovable Type 6に対応しました。2種類のテンプレートで以下の3つの構成で利用できます。 ウェブサイトの記事をスライドデータとして、ウェブサイトにプレゼンテーションを公開 ウェブサイト配下にあるブログの記事をスライドデータとして、ウェブサイトにプレゼンテーションを公開 ブログの記事をスライドデータとして、ブログにプレゼンテーションを公開 基本的にオンラインで使用しますが、インターネットが利用できる環境であればローカルにインストールしてプレゼンすることもできます。…

Entry Exporter Japanese only

Easily import and export single entries to and from Movable Type….

GiphyType 6.0

Add some flava to your blog with the Giphy MoveableType plugin!! Animated GIFs are a proven way to improve traffic, increase time on site, and promote sharing on social media platforms. Don’t take our word for it, blogs have already utilized Giphy GIFs to boost the popularity of their posts. Adding a GIF with the Giphy plugin couldn’t be easier. Just click the Giphy logo button in the text editor, search or browse via tags to find GIFs, and click on a GIF to get a better view. Once you’ve found the GIF you want, simply click the “Embed into Post” button, and, voila!, the GIF is automatically inserted into your post.


MailPack is a plugin that allows you to post blog entries by email, either on your mobile phone or on your PC. Post blog entries to Movable Type simply by sending an email. (A mail box, like Gmail, is required…


This plugin can be used to move web pages or blog entries to other blogs, as well as duplicate entries or web pages. Note: Comments, trackback, and categories cannot be duplicated. Once an entry or web page has been moved…

We Tags 4.3

Configuration Settings WeTagsLoginRequired Require logged in user to add tags through the community pack. Defaults to 1. WeTagsRebuildEntries Rebuild tagged entries (in the background if possible). Defaults to 1. Tags None UI Changes None Comments application changes Added add_tag method….

Create Duplicate Entry

This plugin provides a simple interface to duplicate an entry in the same blog or to another blog in the same installation. All entry content (including Custom Fields) is preserved in the duplication. Entry status can be preserved, or entries can be marked Unpublished in the duplicated entry.

Entry CSV Export

A plugin for Movable Type installations which provides a very basic export-to-CSV functionality for entries/pages to facilitate easier review of entry/page metadata.

Structured Content Wizard 4.3

The Structured Content Wizard plugin for Movable Type and Melody makes structured blogging and creating form-based content easy! Simply create a step-by-step wizard interface for authors to work with.

Expired Entries 4.3

Allows authors to select a date in the future at which an entry will be automatically unpublished and the site rebuilt.

Related Entries ?

This plugin will automatically publish any entries that share a tag with the entry being saved/published. This allows entries that utilize any kind of “related entry” feature to remain up to date.

Related Items 4.3

Related Items provides a custom field type that allows users to relate the current object to any Taggable object. Said differently, with this custom field you can relate a system object (Entry, Page, Category, Folder, or User) to Taggable objects: assets, entries, and pages.

GeoType 4.3

GeoType is a plugin for Movable Type that uses the Google Maps API to tie geographic coordinates to an MT object.

EntryEvents Verified

A plugin to allow creation of an event calendar in MovableType.

Locksmith Verified

A plugin for Movable Type which prevents entries and templates from being edited by more than one user at the same time.

Anonymous Public Posts 4.3

Provides the ability to accept unauthenticated (anonymous) entry submissions from your community.

PageCompactor 4.3

This plugin eliminates any and all whitespace produced at the top of a published file. In most cases, leading whitespace is unwanted (e.g. in HTML pages, it can cause display issues as some browsers activate “quirks mode”).

GeoSpatial Simple 4.3

This plugin allows you to associate locations with blog entries using Google Maps. Each blog entry can have a location (latitude, longitude), and a map can be shown for the location. Also, a map can be shown which displays all…

Wordometer Verified

When writing an entry, I like to have an idea of how long it is. I often use the Body as an article lead-in and try to keep it between 50 and 75 words, but when I start to throw…

Hot Date

Do you schedule entries, or otherwise modify the Entry Date field? Do you sometimes forget a leading zero, for example, to create a valid, two-digit hour field? Hot Date is just what you need: drop-down time selectors in 12-hour format…