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BuildTracer is Movable Type template visualizer. It helps with the writing, performance tuning, and analysis of MT templates. BuildTracer logs the rebuild sequence of each MT generated page, visualizes the block structure of MT tags, and shows how long each tag takes to publish in an individual template.

XmlScraper Japanese only

A plugin that scrapes XML/HTML files from MT templates and retrieves nodes in XPath format.

Movable Type 6 html5slides Japanese only

html5slidesを使ってMovable Type 6のウェブサイトまたはブログでプレゼンテーションが出来るテンプレートです。簡単なプレゼン作成やウェブでのプレゼン資料公開に最適です。 ウェブサイトにも記事を書くことが出来るMovable Type 6に対応しました。2種類のテンプレートで以下の3つの構成で利用できます。 ウェブサイトの記事をスライドデータとして、ウェブサイトにプレゼンテーションを公開 ウェブサイト配下にあるブログの記事をスライドデータとして、ウェブサイトにプレゼンテーションを公開 ブログの記事をスライドデータとして、ブログにプレゼンテーションを公開 基本的にオンラインで使用しますが、インターネットが利用できる環境であればローカルにインストールしてプレゼンすることもできます。…

A-Form to Entry Japanese only

A-Form to Entry is a plugin that takes forms created by the “A-Form” plugin and either inserts the form into a blog entry or publishes it. Functions / Features A-Form allows you to easily post an entry from as a…

PerlDynamic Japanese only

A plugin that allows for dynamic publishing through the Movable Type Perl engine. Performance is slightly different to the standard dynamic publishing capabilities offered through Movable Type. Any currently installed plugins and templates can be used as is without the…

RandomArray 6.0

This plugin takes random values from a Movable Type array and returns these values as a new array. ### Download This plugin can be downloaded from the following link: bit-part/mt-plugin-RandomArray ### Usage This plugin is very simple to use,…

SpecificCategory 6.0

Used alongside the SpecificCategory tag, this plugin is used to set specific category text. Usage Example <mt:SpecificCategory> Do something. </mt:SpecificCategory> `</pre> ## Modifiers ### id The id modifier specifies the category ID for use when selecting a specific category. If…


This plugin adds a ConfigDirective tag to Movable Type. You can use it to display the value of any configuration directive found in the mt-config.cgi file.

Entries Block Tag Status Filter Argument

In most situations a template should render the Entries marked as “published.” There are scenarios, however, when publishing entries with other statuses is required. This plugin facilitates that with a new argument for the Entris block tag: status_filter.


This plugin enables you to sort entries, pages, categories and folders.

Random Entries

This plugin provides a single argument to be used with the Entries block tag to return a random entry each time a template is published.

Google Analytics Most Popular 4.3

This is an old plugin I wrote in 2009 for a client’s Movable Type 4 site. I am not providing support for this plugin, but here it is for any adventurous developers to work with….

Click Tagging 4.3

The Click Tagging plugin for Movable Type and Melody provides an alternate tagging interface: click-to-tag.

Extra Tags Verified

This plugin provides Movable Type users with an assortment of miscellaneous tags that do not ship with Movable Type by default.

Theme Export 4.3

This plugin provides the ability to export a blog’s templates as a theme.

Tag Repair 4.3

A plugin that fixes a particular kind of corruption in mttag and mtobjecttag tables.

Snapshot ?

The Snapshot plugin makes it easy for editors, authors, and designers to track changes to templates and entries by allowing them to save and view snapshots of the history of each of these objects.

Ordered Tags ?

MT sorts tags alphabetically by default; the OrderedTags plugin maintains order of tags as saved upon entry/page save or edit.

OutOfContext ?

OutOfContext adds a block template tag to take a block of template code out of the context of current template. This means that context sensitive tags can be built with a fresh context. You might use this plugin if you…

AnythingSliderX 4.3

AnythingSlider is an attempt at bringing together the functionality of all of those previous (on CSS-Tricks) sliders and adding new features. In other words, to create a really “full featured” slider that could be widely useful. This is the first…

Template Optimizer 4.3

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that attempts to analyze and subsequently optimize the publishing options of your system.

Google Translate ?

Adds a template tag modifier that allows a user to pass the contents of a tag to Google Translate to translate the content transparently into any language that Google Translate supports….

Widgets System Menu Option ?

This is a plugin for Movable Type and Melody that simply adds a “Widgets” menu item to the System Overview menu. If you use system-level widgets much, you know that they always seem to be a few clicks away, and…

Categories by Date 4.35.0

Categories are not a date-related object in MT, so publishing categories in a date-structured way isn’t possible.

The CategoriesByDate plugin adds a block tag that will sort categories by date, with the most recently updated first. To determine the order of the categories, each category is compared to newest entry it is used in and that entry’s date sorts the category.

Widget Saver ?

This plugin adds two checkboxes to the Template Refresh screen: Save the Widget Sets, and Save the Widgets. Enabled by default, they will cause the Template Refresh to ignore any existing Widget Sets or Widgets. Ta da!

Link to Theme ?

Adds support for linking templates to theme files to avoid the need to refresh templates.

SearchEkko ?

SearchEkko is like a “related posts” widget for your blog, but it’s only visible to readers who arrive from a search engine. It uses each visitor’s search query to find the best-matching pages on your site. For example, imagine that…

Image Cropper

The Image Cropper Plugin provides a simple user interface for managing and generating custom thumbnails from your image assets. The plugin was specifically designed to addressed the case where publishers want the ability to produce different thumbnails designed specifically for…

Photo Gallery Plugin and Theme Verified

The Photo Gallery Plugin for Movable Type contains two components:

  • A streamlined interface to make managing, editing, and uploading to a photo gallery-style blog efficient. This updated interface can be used by any theme.

  • A photo gallery theme based upon the amazing design work of Jim Ramsey. It is designed to be a seamless extension of his popular Movable Type theme called Mid-Century.

Comment Author Context Verified

The CommentAuthorContext plugin creates a block tag called <mt:CommentAuthorContext> in which <$mt:AuthorSOMETHING$> function tags will refer to the author of the comment.

MediaURLs 4.3

MediaURLs provides a few simple template tags that allow you to easily make use of multiple domains or subdomains to host media assets for your site such as css and javascript files, images, downloads or more….

FastTagCloud ?

FastTagCloud (FTC) provides 5 tag helpers, to create a really Fast Tag Cloud, compared with the default Tag Cloud widget. … Inside this block, you use the other templates tags. It have three attributes: maxrank: the max rank to use….

ProCommunity 4.3

Marry the Community Blog and Community Forum template sets (from the Community Pack as of MT 4.23) with the Professional template set and you get three template sets in one plugin: Pro Community Blog - based on the Community Blog…

TemplateSetExporter 4.3 Japanese only

Template Set Export is a simple plugin which allows you to export a blog’s current templates as a template set plugin for your own reuse, or for redistribution to other Movable Type users….

Gravatar 4.3

Uses Gravatar’s global recognized avatar system to output the correct gravatar image URL based on the commenter’s email address. This is an updated version of Tom Werner’s original plugin and includes changes to the generated URL structure required to interact…

Vanilla 4.3

A quiver of template sets focusing on specific features in Movable Type. Vanilla provides various template sets which only contain the code necessary to show how a specific feature in Movable Type. These template sets are not endended to be…

Notepad Chaos: A Personal Blog Template Set 4.3

Movable Type users looking for something different for their personal blog will love this template set. The design features a notebook look on a striking and vibrant background. “Personal” elements include hand-written search, headings and comment form, and post-it note…

WidgetSetLoop 4.3 Japanese only

This plugin adds template tag . This plugin is according to the proposal on the public wiki. This plugin adds the ability to loop over all of the widgets in a widget set. By so doing, designers can more easily…

Templets 4.3 Japanese only

Templets plugin realizes “pluggable template sets” called “templet”, and allows you to install and manange new templates very straightforwardly and flexibly. It makes it easy: For users to customize their base template sets by plugging in various kinds of templets,…

LocalBlock ?

Movable Type’s template variables, accessed via the GetVar and SetVar template tags, exist only in a global scope. For templates of a certain complexity, this might pose the risk of one template overwriting the variables used by another template inadvertently….

Fogger 4.3

MT Fogger is a Movable Type interface to FogBugz. The plugin exposes a set of template tags that make it possible to query and display information stored in FogBugz within your Movable Type templates….

ModifiedDate ?

ModifiedDate plugin realizes MTModified function(variable) tag, which allows you to obtain modified dates for specified files or index templates. MTModifiedDate can be used with date-format options, as like MTDate and MTEntryDate….

Template Hammer 4.3 Verified

Want to simplify your templates to remove all of the includes? Just smash ‘em with the Template Hammer, and you’ll get flat HTML versions of your templates with just the basic MT Template Tags needed to output your site. It’s…

ModifiableSetVarBlock 4.3

ModifiableSetVarBlock plugin overrides MTSetVarBlock with an alternative version, which can be used with ‘modifier’s….

Template Installer 4.3

Template Installer is a plugin for Movable Type that makes it easy to install new template sets for your blogs. Combined with Template Exporter plugin, this makes is very easy: For bloggers to share templates / widgets with others For…

Template Exporter 4.3

Template Exporter is a plugin for Movable Type that enables you to easily export your blog templates in a way that can be shared, distributed, or even sold to to others….

Template Inheritance 4.3

Template Inheritance is a plugin for Movable Type that enables you to link templates together in a way that one template inherits its template code from another template. One example is when you have two or more blogs in your…

Snip It 4.3

One of the new features introduced with Movable Type 4 is template snippets. These are small bits of template code that can be easily inserted using the drop down menu on the template editor. TextMate users will feel right at…

TagSupplementals 4.3

TagSupplementals Plugin provides useful and supplemental “tagging” features, such as mt:RelatedEntries, mt:RelatedTags, mt:ArchiveTags, mt:TagLastUpdated, and so on. In particular, mt:RelatedEntries allows you to present recommended entries to viewers and make the bounce rate on your site lower, probably ;-)…

Tagwire ?

Tagwire Plugin provides an easier way to handling “tags” in Movable Type 3.1x and 3.2….

KeywordsAsTags 4.3

Now Movable Type supports tagging features natively. But, existing XMLRPC/AtomPP-based blogging tools such as ecto and MarsEdit cannot employ tagging, because they don’t recognize how to add tags to entries via XMLRPC or AtomPP at this moment. To make it…

NewEntryTemplate 4.3

Allows setting global or per-blog default content for entry text fields….

Tool for adding new default templates ?

In MT 3.2, if we want to provide our own default templates to authors/blogs, we should put *.tmpl files to (mt home)/default_templates/ folder, and add some infomation to (mt home)/lib/MT/ by hands. More completely, we should add some digest info…

SomeDays 4.3

SomeDays is designed to allow the creation of various date containers within your Movable Type-powered site. These are similar to the calendar functions that you can use with the standard template tags, but almost infinitely more powerful, allowing you to…

CategoryCommentCount 4.3

Movable Type includes templates for the total number of comments in a blog (MTBlogCommentCount) and the total number of comments on an entry (MTEntryCommentCount). But there is no similar template tag for the total number of comments in a category….

TagInvoke ?

MovableType tags use attributes to modify their behavior. For example, the MTEntries tag uses the lastn attribute to specify how many entries to display. In some situations, you would like to be able to use MT tags to specify the…

ExcerptWords ?

Global filter that creates an excerpt consisting of the first n words in the tag, followed by “…” if the tag was truncated. <$MTCommentBody excerpt_words="10"$>…

DecodeURL ?

Adds a global filter decodeurl, which is the reverse of encodeurl. I use it to take search terms from referring URL’s and make them readable. &lt;$MTPingURL decode_url="1"$&gt;…

ShortTitle ?

This is a plugin that provides the tag that returns the short title for blog entry. The short title, by default, returns the entry title. This title can be overridden in the keyword field. The title in the keyword field…

SimpleTemplate ?

Movable Type templates aren’t too difficult to write, but they can be difficult to read. So I’ve whipped up another plugin to fix that. Simple Template is a plugin that provides an alternative syntax for Movable Type templates. Tags made…

DaylightOrStandard ?

Display text depending on whether or not a date falls within Daylight Savings Time. <$MTEntryDate format="%B %d, %Y %H:%M"$> <$MTDaylightOrStandard daylight="EDT" standard="EST"$>…

IncludePlus ?

Advanced options for the default MTInclude built into MT. Allows you to use MovableType tags when specifying which file to include. <MTIncludeFile>header.txt</MTIncludeFile>…

CheckLinks ?

This plugin implements a set of template tags for identifying invalid link URLs within entries. If your site has been around for a while, a few or many of the pages you’ve linked to in the past may have ceased…

Collate ?

The listing tags that are built in to MovableType (MTEntries, MTCategories, etc.) have limited number of sorting options. For example, while you may sort entries chronologically, it is not possible to sort them descending by date, while ascending by time….

Quote of the Day ?

Generate a random Quote of the Day from an Internet server. No need to create your own quote files. <$MTQotd$>…

Collect ?

Collect, collate, and display HTML tags that appear in your entries. <MTCollect tags=”a”> <MTEntries lastn=”20”> <MTCollectThis><$MTEntryBody$></MTCollectThis> </MTEntries> <MTCollected tags=”a” lastn=”10” show_local=”1”> <a href=”<$MTCollectedAttr attr=”href”$>”> <$MTCollectedAttr attr=”href”$></a><br /> </MTCollected> </MTCollect>…

ExcludeCategories ?

Creates a new tag called MTEntriesExCat. When used in place of MTEntries, this tag excludes all posts from the categories specified in the "categories" attribute….

MTCgi ?

Parameter tags for templates invoked dynamically by a CGI such as mt-search.cgi or mt-view.cgi. <MTCgiParams> <MTCgiParamName>: <MTCgiParamValue encode_html="1"><br /> </MTCgiParams>…

Template ?

Show templates or template excerpts on your site. <pre><$MTTemplateContents templatename="Individual Archive" blogname="Journal" escape_html="1"$> </pre>…

Grid ?

Adds tags to make tables or containers from data inside of MT. <table> <MTGrid num_columns=”3”> <MTEntries> <MTGridCell> <MTGridIfLeftColumn><tr></MTGridIfLeftColumn> <td> <a href=”<$MTEntryPermalink$>”><$MTEntryTitle$></a><br/> <$MTEntryExcerpt$> </td> <MTGridIfRightColumn></tr></MTGridIfRightColumn> </MTGridCell> </MTEntries> <MTGridTrailingCells> <MTGridIfLeftColumn></tr></MTGridIfLeftColumn> <td> </td> <MTGridIfRightColumn></tr></MTGridIfRightColumn> </MTGridTrailingCells> </MTGrid> </table>…

RandomLine ?

This plugin gives you a new Movable Type template tag: . This tag will extract and display one or more random lines from either a text file, or a Movable Type template module. For example, you could create a list…

Supplemental Calendar Tags ?

Adds several tags for expanding the MTCalendar — allows for offset calendars and dates. <MTCalendarEx> all calendar tags here </MTCalendarEx>…

XmlRpcFilter ?

Adds a container tag for use in templates which allows for processing of Wiki formatting….

WikiFormat ?

This plugin adds a container tag to MovableType that formats its contents via CPAN:Text::WikiFormat. This formatting is independant of any particular Wiki:WikiClone, but it can be supplied with a URL to a wiki to which Wiki:WikiWords should be linked. This…

GlobalListings ?

Adds container tags for listing Entries, Comments, Pings, and Categories throughout the entire installation of MT. This can also be set to include or exclude specific blogs. <MTGlobalEntries include_blogs=”3,4,6”> —MTEntry* tags here— </MTGlobalEntries> <MTGlobalComments lastn=”5” offset=”5”> —MTComments* tags here— </MTGlobalComments>…

PerlScript ?

This plugin enables , a tag for Movable Type templates. If you know how to write Perl code, this custom tag gives you remarkable flexibility in producing pages from Movable Type. You can literally do any kind of manipulation you…

Compare ?

This Movable Type plugin implements a set of template tags for displaying a portion of a template conditionally, depending on the results of a comparison between values. The values compared can be literal strings or numbers, or they can be…

ExtendedAttribute ?

This plugin gives you a new template tag: . This tag allows you to associate additional fields and values with Movable Type Blogs, Categories, Entries, and Authors. These additional fields and values can be stored either in a data file…

SQL 4.3

The MTSQL tag can use SELECT statements like MySQL and PHP statements can. <MTSQLEntries query=”select entryid from mtentry where entry_title like ‘%Movable Type%’”> <a href=”<MTEntryLink>”><MTEntryTitle></a><br /> </MTSQLEntries>…

Supplemental Category Tags ?

This plugin provides additional tags for Movable Type categories. Tags made available through this plugin: : Container tag for finding the next category relative to the current entry category or archived category. : Container tag for finding the previous category…

Process Tags ?

Allows MT tags to be processed inside of inside-of-MT fields. <MTCategoryDescription process_tags=”1”>…

OnThisDay ?

Display the info about the entries which were posted on this day in previous years. <MTOnThisDay><MTEntries lastn=”8”> <MTDateHeader> <a href=”<$MTEntryLink archive_type=”Daily”$>”> <$MTEntryDate format=”%Y”$>:</a><br /> </MTDateHeader> <div class=”side”><$MTEntryTitle$></div> </MTEntries></MTOnThisDay>…

IfEmpty ?

Allows for different options if a field is empty or not empty. <MTIfEmpty var=”EntryTitle”>(untitled)</MTIfEmpty> <$MTEntryTitle$> or: <MTIfNotEmpty expr=”[MTEntries days=’1’]1[/MTEntries]”> We have fresh entries! </MTIfNotEmpty>…

FirstNWords ?

Container tag which allows use of a similar command to MTEntries words=”N” in any field. <MTFirstNWords n=”5”> <$MTCategoryDescription$> </MTFirstNWords>……

DateTags ?

A wide variety of calendar/Date related tags. <MTEntries> <MTIfDateNotEqual target=”[MTDate format=’%m/%d/%Y’]”> <p><$MTEntryTitle$></p> </MTIfDateNotEqual> </MTEntries>…