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BuildTracer is Movable Type template visualizer. It helps with the writing, performance tuning, and analysis of MT templates. BuildTracer logs the rebuild sequence of each MT generated page, visualizes the block structure of MT tags, and shows how long each tag takes to publish in an individual template.

Config Assistant Verified

The Config Assistant plugin is a powerful platform plugin which significantly reduces the work necessary to create and deploy Movable Type plugins and themes.

NotifyList 6.0 Verified

This plugin enables providing Movable Type email notification support.

Website & Blog Organizer Verified

This plugin for Movable Type makes it easy to reorganize the website and blog hierarchy. This can be especially useful after upgrading from Movable Type 4, before websites were introduced.

Theme Assistant Verified

If you are familiar with the Melody/Endevver approach to theming with Movable Type 4, you are also likely familiar with the Theme Manager plugin. Theme Manager did a lot of great things to make themes more manageable on Movable Type…

P-M-Auth-Basic 6.0 Verified

This plugin provided basic authentication mechanism using with Movable Type user information.

P-M-AliasedSearch 6.0 Verified

This plugin creates alias search conditions for mt-search.cgi….


This plugin provides a JSON interface to theme developers who wish to enable AJAX logins on their web site. What good is an AJAX login experience you ask? Well, such an experience would allow for a login form to be presented in a lightbox, or through some other javascript effect. It would allow your readers to login to a page without ever leaving the page.

Remove Objects

The Remove Objects plugin provides a way for administrators to easily delete objects in Movable Type.

Quick Input Category

This plugin enables users to edit data both of category name and basename at the same time.

User Blog Association Verified

Assign a role and blog to a user specifically (and only) when the user interacts with that blog.

This is different from using the “(newly created user)” functionality, because “(newly created user)” will associate a user with every blog that has a “(newly created user)” defined. Also, “(newly created user)” will only create associations for new users; existing users are never updated.

Google Analytics Most Popular 4.3

This is an old plugin I wrote in 2009 for a client’s Movable Type 4 site. I am not providing support for this plugin, but here it is for any adventurous developers to work with….

Central Authentication Service ?

A plugin for Movable Type that allows delegated user authentication to a CAS server in place of the native authentication scheme.

Trial Membership 4.3

The Trial Membership plugin for Movable Type and Melody can be used to disable users after a specified amount of time has elapsed. In other words, Commenters or Contributors (for example) can be allowed to participate and interact with your…

Git Plugin Directory ?

This plugin provides a simple framework for deploying a git-powered plugin directory.

E-mail Retitler ?

Overview This plugin makes it easy to customize the subject line of emails sent by Movable Type. Installation Move the EmailRetitler plugin directory to the MT plugins directory. Should look like this when installed: $MT_HOME/ plugins/ EmailRetitler/ [plugin files here]…

Cache Manager 4.3

A plugin for Movable that provides additional functionality to assist in the management of template module caches.

Purge Activity Log ?

This single serving plugin solves the one simple problem of keeping activity logs from getting too large by automatically deleting log entries older than n days.

Tidings ?

Tidings is a simple wrapper around Andy Lester’s HTML::Tidy, itself a wrapper around libtidy. It’s a convenient way of making sure that all your tags are closed and that your HTML is in squinting distance of validation, to avoid late-night typos producing a page full of red at the W3 Validator.

Log Filter ?

This plugin was created to limit which activities are written to the Activity Log (and hence the internal mt_log table in the database). Specifically, it adds a new mt-config.cgi setting: LogExclude. LogExclude takes a comma separated list of log categories…

Text Macros ?

This plugin provides a framework for developers to create really simple text macros that can processed inside of text.

GeoType 4.3

GeoType is a plugin for Movable Type that uses the Google Maps API to tie geographic coordinates to an MT object.

Custom Error 4.3

The Custom Error plugin for Movable Type and Melody installs a global system template called “Custom System Error” which provides admins with the ability to override the default system error template generated by the system.


Exporting plugin data as part of the theme. It is necessary to install PluginDataExporter similarly when the written theme is installed in another MT and it uses it. When the user who has the permission of a system-wide plugin setting…

SmartTrim 4.3

SmartTrim is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that aims to provide a smarter trimming global modifier than words or trim_to. The stock MT global modifier words cuts at a certain number of words without any control on the resulting…

GCPrettify 4.3

GCPrettify is a plugin designed to allow easy use of [Google Code’s prettify.js script][1] for syntax highlighting of code samples.

Custom CSS

This plugin was born out of the need and desire to:

  • Provide users with the ability to customize the CSS of a blog, without requiring to give them complete access to edit all the templates of a blog.

  • Provide a better interface for editing CSS by devoting a larger portion of the screen’s real estate to the editor window, unlike what is found on Movable Type’s default “Edit Template” screen.

  • Insulate a theme from a user inadvertantly disrupting a site’s design by permanently editing or modifying the theme’s core CSS definition.

ArchiveUploader 4.3

With this plugin you can upload an archive file and extract its contents as assets and index-templates….

Config Assistant (MT4) 4.3 Verified

Note: This page is for Movable Type 4.1. Please see Config Assistant for the plugin for Movable Type 5+. The Config Assistant plugin is a powerful platform plugin which significantly reduces the work necessary to create and deploy Movable Type…

Dumper 4.3

The content of the entry can be output by YAML and JSON format. Because only the part with the change when entry’s is preserved is written, the processing speed is fast….

Minifier ? Japanese only

Minifier plugin allows you to minify your CSS and JavaScript templates and reduce their file sizes….


The Log4MT plugin enhances Movable Type with the fantastic and ultra-powerful Log4Perl logging framework. Like Log4perl, Log4MT enables you to debug your code, handle exceptions or send notifications with one of six priorities (trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal). The…

CacheBlock 4.3

CacheBlock is a plugin that can dramatically speed up publishing by caching blocks of built template code. CacheBlock is very flexible, enabling you to cache an entire page, a small template snippet, a template module, a sidebar widget, and entire…

Customized Email Templates 4.3

This plugin enables MT4 sites to customize email notification templates on per-blog basis. Using the familiar MT4 template management screens, you can easily customize the emails that get sent out by the system. For example, you could change the order…

Favicon Manager 4.3

Favicon Manager helps to set a shortcut icon (aka favicon) to your blogs. What you to do is just set an URL address of image file that you want to show on your client’s browser. Additionary, you can set favicon…

MT-Dispatch 4.3

MT-Dispatch is a Perl application and plugin for Movable Type that allows Movable Type to run under FastCGI with functional background tasks and optionally externally to the web server. It also runs periodic tasks like the publishing queue. The default…

SVGfix ?

This plugin converts ordinary namespace well-formed XHTML+MathML+SVG into the peculiar format demanded by the W3C Validator. The plugin adds a global filter, which you can use in your templates: <MTEntryBody svg_fix=”1”> As a bonus, the plugin does the conversion handled…

Validate ?

Validates entries or comments against a local copy of the W3C Validator. (Original 0.1 version by Alexei Kosut.)…

dirifyES ?

DirifyES merges both dirify-unicode and dirify-plus. The purpose for dirifyES is to solve a bug in Dirifyplus with unicode languages. Of course, dirifyunicode gives you unicode support. But the main problem with dirify-unicode is that features are worse than those…

PeriodicVacuum ?

Because of lack of autovacuum feature, Movable Type databases, especially SQLite databases, grow large and large, even if you delete spam trackbacks and comments occasionally. To solve this problem, PeriodicVacuum plugin allows you to automatically perform ”vacuum” operation once a…

Favicon ?

Favicon is a plugin for Movable Type that adds favicons to comments and trackbacks. Favicons are small icons shown in the browsers location bar for better identification of a website….

Cool IRI for a permalink ?

This plugin makes your permalinks as Cool IRI, even if your preferred language doesn’t use US-ASCII. The World Wide Web has been mainly constructed with US-ASCII, even for URL. But in now and future, WWW will shift from US-ASCII only…

ModCheck ?

Have you ever tried to install a plugin on your Movable Type-powered site, only to not have it work, and be left wondering if a required Perl module is installed? Wonder no more. With MT-ModCheck, you can easily run a…

RelativeURL ?

The built-in URL tags, such as MTEntryPermalink or MTArchiveLink create canonical URLs in the form of and Sometimes it is convenient to use relative URLs in the form of index.htm and archives/Photos.htm. This plugin contains tags and a…

Amputator ?

Converts stray ampersands to entity references, useful for making sure your published pages are valid HTML/XML. <$MTBlogEntry encode_ampersands=”1”>…

MT-W3CValidator ?

This plugin will validate your web pages on the fly when published from Movable Type. The validation is done live against the W3C’s Markup Validation Service by sending your newly published page. A compliant page will then include a badge…

Timer ?

Displays the time it took for MovableType to build your page, or portions of your page. <MTTimerStart name="entries"> <MTEntries> <MTTimerStart name="entry"> … <MTTimerValue name="entry">, <MTTimerValue name="entries"> </MTEntries> <pre><MTTimerValue name="entries" clock="stats"></pre>…

Regex ?

Uses regular expressions to accomplish replacement and other advanced text manipulation. <MTAddRegex>s|:-D|<img src=”/images/smiley.gif” height=”32” width=”32”>|g</MTAddRegex>…

KeyValues ?

This plugin allows you to store key/value pairs of data in your Movable Type fields. These values can be extracted and used in your templates in a very flexible manner. Tags made available through this plugin: : Container tag for…