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KeyValues v1.53

Posted November 30, 2002, in Developer.


This plugin allows you to store key/value pairs of data in your Movable Type fields. These values can be extracted and used in your templates in a very flexible manner.

Tags made available through this plugin:

  • : Container tag for accessing your key/value data.
  • : Lets you print a 'header' block within an iterating KeyValues tag.
  • : Lets you print a 'footer' block within an iterating KeyValues tag.
  • : Tests whether a key exists (given a name).
  • : Tests whether a key does not exist (given a name).
  • : This tag will test the name of a key against a value or pattern. Note: if matching against a regular expression, this tag will require the 'regex' plugin (see installation instructions above).
  • : Outputs contained text if a given key is not matched using a 'IfKeyMatches' tag.
  • : Outputs the name of a key (only useful when iterating over key/value pairs).
  • : Outputs the value of a key. Can output value by name or will output the value of the current key when iterating over key/value pairs.
  • : Outputs the source of your key/value pairs without the key/value data. This allows you to retain the use of your field(s) for regular blog data and use them to store key/value data at the same time.



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