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SearchEntries Japanese only

This plugin allows for more flexible blog entry searches by using template tags to specify search conditions. Search not only entry content, but tags, categories, and custom fields as well. This plugin is also compatible with Data API based searches…

SphinxSearch ?

The SphinxSearch plugin enhances the search feature in Movable Type by adding extensive support for full-text indices. It integrates the Sphinx server with Movable Type to provide full-text searches across various objects in Movable Type.

That's Hot 4.3

A Movable Type and Melody plugin that allows editors to manage topics on their web site, where a topic is a simple way of aggregating related stories together into a more focused vertical.

Recommended Search Results ?

The Recommended Search Results plugin for Movable Type and Melody aims to give users more relevant search results.

Sort Categories And Folders 4.3 Japanese only

This plugin enables you to sort categories and folders as you like. Usage: 1) Download zip file 2) Unzip downloaded file. 3) Upload unzipped folders to directory of Movable Type. 4) Log in to Movable Type. 5) Add ‘sort_method=”SortCatFld::Sort”’ attribute…

MTSearchPlus ?

The built-in MovableType search allows you to search entries and/or comments for user-specified text. However, you have no control over which parts of your entries and comments are searched and when listing search results using the built-in template tags, it…

EntryCategoryEntries ?

EntryCategoryEntries plugin allows you to list entries included in the primary category of the current entry. This plugin can be used only in the entry context, which means the inside of the MTEntries container or the individual entry archives….

Fast Search 4.3

Fast Search is a PHP plugin that uses Movable Type’s dynamic PHP-based publishing system to display search results. For many sites - especially ones with a large number of entries - Fast Search can provide faster searching with lower CPU…

Seeker ?

Seeker offers PHP-powered searching across all Movable Type weblog entries. Features include MySQL full-text and boolean search, paginated search results, automatic redirection, and entry highlighting. Seeker is currently available as Pre-Alpha software. Features are still being defined (or re-defined). In…