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Recommended Search Results v1.0.2

By Dan Wolfgang
Posted May 10, 2012, in Administrative Interface.


The Recommended Search Results plugin for Movable Type and Melody aims to give users more relevant search results. We all know the problem: you've written a lot about Widgets. When a user searches they see pages and pages of all your entries about Widgets. Where does the user start; which entry is most likely helpful for them? The entry "Widgets Canon" is likely the result most helpful to a user but because it's old it doesn't appear on the first page of search results; the entries "Red Widgets" and "Blue Widgets" are not as useful, but were recent so appear first in the results.

Enter Recommended Search Results: tag "Widgets Canon" (perhaps with a tag like @recommended) and make some template modifications to highlight this entry and make it stand out for the user. Now when they search, right at the top of the search results they can find the "Widgets Canon" with everything they need to know about Widgets.


To install this plugin follow the instructions found here:

Template Tags

This plugin add a new block tag: RecommendedSearchResults. One argument is required: tag. This argument should be the tag name you are using to indicate which entries are recommended. A good choice is @recommended: the name is clear, and it's a private tag because it's preceded by @, which means the tag won't be published on pages.

This block tag also supports the meta variables __first__, __last__, __even__, __odd__, and __counter__.


<mt:RecommendedSearchResults tag="@recommended">
    <mt:If name="__first__">
    <h3>Recommended Search Results</h3>

        <li><a href="<mt:EntryPermalink>"><mt:EntryTitle></a></li>

    <mt:If name="__last__">

This tag is, of course, only valid and useful on the Search Results template.


Just add the selected tag to any Entries or Pages you want to recommend!


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