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This plug-in adds a mail form function to Movable Type.

Loupe 6.0 Verified

Loupe is a smart phone application designed to work with Movable Type 6. Loupe allows the user to perform several mini-tasks while on the go.

Contact Forms ?

The Contact Forms plugin for Movable Type provides a comprehensive solution for allowing site administrators to manage multiple ways for their site’s visitor’s to contact them and ask them questions them questions via a simple form submission. Contact form submissions are then stored in the database and tracked to ensure that every message is replied to, and to make all responses searchable.

The Publisher 4.3

Magnify Publisher is the first native blog application that enables bloggers to search for video, text, and images, using key words and tags, and also embed the desired content directly into a post without ever leaving the Movable Type dashboard….

Visitor Stats 4.3

Visitor Stats is a plugin for Movable Type 4.0 that displays visitor and page view statistics for MT4 blogs. Visitor Stats Pro provides even more statistics and widgets….