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GoogleOpenIDConnect 6.16.2

This plugin provides commenter authentication mechanism by Google OpenID Connect….

Comment Flag ?

A plugin which adds a comment reporting system for visitors to report comments….

Comment Author Context Verified

The CommentAuthorContext plugin creates a block tag called <mt:CommentAuthorContext> in which <$mt:AuthorSOMETHING$> function tags will refer to the author of the comment.

Comment Challenge 4.3

Comment Challenge is an anti-spam plugin which provides you with two very effective types of barriers to protect you from spammers.

Mouthwash 4.3

If you have an active community built around your site, there have probably been a few heated discussions. And, sometimes, a few commenters have probably used words that you don’t feel are appropriate for the site or discussion. You know,…

WebPurify Profanity Filter ?

Filters user comments for profanity using the WebPurify Web Service before they are inserted into the database. Replaces each letter of profane words with a “*”. You need to have a license key to make use of the WebPurify Web…

FriendFeed Comments 4.3

FriendFeed is service that enables you aggregate and share your stuff from many other web sites, all in one place. Your feed can pull in your blog RSS feeds, photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube, tweets from Twitter, and many…

Xomment 4.3

Xomment is a Movable Type plugin that uses Web 2.0 technology to improve the comment experience. It reduces bandwith usage and rebuild times, while improving the look of your site. When fully installed, it does four things through the magic…

reCaptcha 4.3

This plugin is compatible with the Movable Type 4 Captcha API, which uses reCaptcha as its CAPTCHA image provider. The plugin users are required to register their blogs to and get public/private key pair, in order to use this…

Akismet 4.3

Akismet is the official plugin for Movable Type that transparently integrates its junk handling capabilities with the Akismet collaborative spam filtering service. For many people, Akismet will greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the comment and TrackBack spam you get…

MT-Approval 4.3

MT-Approval is a set of tools that you can use to protect your site from receiving automatic comment spam, all bundled into one easy-to-use plugin. Easily mask the true location of your comments script with JavaScript Quickly add a beacon…

Comment Titles 4.3

Enables you to add a “Title” field to your comments form, so commenter can include a title for their comment….

Ajax Comments 4.3

Enables your comment submission using AJAX, without refreshing the page….

Quote 4.3

Quote is a plugin for Movable Type that easily allows commentators to quote a previous comment. It uses AJAX/JSON to retrieve previous comments and enter their quoted text into comment boxes….

Trusted Commenters ?

This plugin enables you to trust commenters on you blog — without requiring them to login via TypeKey or other authentication service….

Blog Janitor 4.3

Blog Janitor is a plugin for Movable Type that preforms various clean-up tasks. Blog Janitor can perform the following tasks: Close comments on old entries. Delete duplicate comments and trackbacks Blog Janitor does his work automatically, you don’t need to…

Spam Firewall ?

Spam Firewall is a plugin that can help reduce the load cause by comment and trackback spam. The goal of Spam Firewall is to block 80% of spam attempts before they reach MT’s comment and trackback scripts. As the name…

AutoBan ?

AutoBan is an anti-junk plugin for use with the Apache webserver. It updates a .htaccess file to ban the IP addresses of junk sources. The list is generated from the junk objects stored in MT, providing for automatic aging. The…

Comment Email Filter 4.3

Six Apart has offered Typekey authentication in Movable Type since version 3.0 and it’s is a great way to stop comment spam. However what if you don’t want to (or can’t) use it? Comment Email Filter, a new plugin for…

NoHarvester 4.3

A popular way for comment spammers to get their job done is to automatically harvest comment forms and forward the data to zombie computers who do the spamming. If you’re getting a lot of spam comments to the same blog…

Captcha 4.3

“Captcha Plugin” is an anti comment-spam plugin which generates and verifies CAPTCHA tests that most human commenters can easily pass but current spambots cannot pass….

IfCommenterEmailIs ?

This plugin adds a new MovableType conditional tag named MTIfCommenterEmailIs. The aim is to recognise a commenter by its email address. It accepts two arguments: email (mandatory) and trusted. If trusted is set to 1 then the comment must also…

AddComment ?

This is a Movable Type plugin that allows adding comments right from Movable Type’s backend. It adds a “Add A Comment” form in the “Comments” tab when editing an entry. As a bonus, it also adds a “Add A Trackback”…


Junk or moderate feedbacks (comments and TrackBacks) with only ASCII or Latin-1 characters….

Ccode and TCode 4.3

This plugin is for blocking feedback spams by adding an additional CCode(hidden ct input field) or adding TCode to original tb ID in tb URL, and then obfuscating that Code for the purpose of not easily guessing it….

recently_pinged_on ?

The default MTEntries container tag does not have a function listing up recent incoming TB pings, as opposed to recent incoming comments. This plugin adds “recentlypingedon” option to MTEntries and allows you to list up recent incoming pings as like…

ProjectHoneyPot ?

Automated installation of the distributed Project Honey Pot network to catch harvesters who steal email addresses from your website, and comment spammers who fill your pages with garbage….

DisguiseTrackbackURL ?

Thwarts SpamBots by disguising the TrackBackURL. No new template tags provided or needed….

Moderate 4.3

MT-Moderate provides additional functionality for your Movable Type-powered site, which enhances the feedback by enabling additional control over how the feedback is processed. Notably options are provided where both comments and trackbacks can be either moderated or junked based on…

BetterSpamProtect ?

Movable Type weblog entry and comment authors often link their name to their their email address. Movable Type has a spam_protect feature to protect these addresses against harvesting by spam spiders. This feature, unfortunately, is not effective. This plug-in upgrades…

SCode ?

SCode is an anti-spam plugin that generates a CAPTCHA (or security image) that commenters must enter whilst commenting, this verifies that the comment was made by a human being and not using a spambot. CAPTCHAs are used on several other…

MTEntryIfComments ?

MovableType has conditional tags that are true when entries and pings are enabled. The following tags allow you to test whether comments or pings exist. MTEntryIfComments MTEntryIfPings MTEntryIfCommentsPings…