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Heartbeat 6.0 Japanese only

旅行記に特化したサイトをMovable Typeで構築するためのテーマです。旅行ごとにブログを作ることで、旅行記をまとめたサイトを構築できます。 動画の埋め込み、写真ギャラリー、Googleマップ、ストリートビュー、ヘッダー画像、Google Analytics、アフィリエイト広告などが簡単に設定できます。 スマートホン、タブレットにも対応したレスポンシブデザインです。 旅行ごとにブログを作成することで、旅行記をまとめた個人のポータル風 サイトが作れます。 レスポンシブ・ウェブ・デザインに対応したサイトが構築できます。 ウィジェットセットの設定でページ内レイアウトをドラッグ&ドロップで 自由に設定・変更できます。 簡単にGoogleマップとストリートビューの表示ができます。 Facebookウィジェット、Twitterウィジェットなどのブログパーツの埋め 込みが簡単にできます。 Google Analytics、アフィリエイト広告の埋め込みが簡単にできます。 自動的にOGPの設定やサイトマップXMLが作成されます。 Lightboxを利用した写真ギャラリーの設置やYoutubeなどの動画の埋め込 みが簡単です。…

Apex 6.0

With Apex, a Media Queries based responsive design theme, your website or blog’s layout will be automatically adjusted to look great and stay consistent across a multitude of devices: from desktops to mobile devices and tablets. Apex offers 6 different styles, making customization easy, and changing between these styles is simple and painless.

@Style Bootstrap Theme for Movable Type Japanese only

A 2 column (right sidebar) responsive design theme with a basis in Movable Type’s Rainier and framework from Bootstrap. Includes Open Graph (Open Graph Protocol) and Microdata, structured data, and pagination. Theme design automatically becomes 1 column when viewed on…

MoreAnalytics 6.0

After connecting Movable Type 6 and Google Analytics, the MoreAnalytics plugin analyzes access data collected by Google Analytics and displays this information on the MT6 admin screen.

SEO Tuning Eiger 5.26.0

Looking for an MT theme similar to the widely popular WordPress STINGER3 theme? We highly recommend the responsive web design theme, Eiger: the basic appearance is easily customizable and the SEO tag structures have been recently revamped!

Bootstrap 3 6.0

“Bootstrap 3” is a based on bootstrap 3 css framework, designed for blogs. In addition to multi-device viewing support, provided by Media Query (CSS), Movable Type functions make customizing navigational contents as well as image elements, such as logos, headers, very simple.

Rainier Verified

Rainier is a multi-device compatible theme based on Media Queries (CSS.) It can evaluate how the user accesses a blog or site, such as through a PC, smart phone, tablet, etc., and then adjusts the size and design of the page to best fit the device. Rainier also offers theme, design and navigation customization options.

Theme: Patrick 4.3

Patrick is a theme for Melody (and Movable Type), sure, but it’s also more than that. With over 100 Theme Options, infinite color schemes, and “callback” fields, Patrick is a flexible theme framework that makes it easy to create a unique site from this one design.

Theme: Classic Blog Theme Pack 4.3 Verified

This is a theme pack for Movable Type and Melody based on the old default “Classic Blog” design, and is also a complete reference example for the Theme Manager plugin.

Theme: Scrapbook 4.3

The Scrapbook theme was originally developed for in 2005. Some day I hope to create a new design for, and when that happens I would like to have Scrapbook preserved. And that’s what this is: an attempt to preserve some work from many years ago.

Photo Gallery Plugin and Theme Verified

The Photo Gallery Plugin for Movable Type contains two components:

  • A streamlined interface to make managing, editing, and uploading to a photo gallery-style blog efficient. This updated interface can be used by any theme.

  • A photo gallery theme based upon the amazing design work of Jim Ramsey. It is designed to be a seamless extension of his popular Movable Type theme called Mid-Century.