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MTViewer 6.0

This plugin enables publishing archive dynamically.

PerlDynamic Japanese only

A plugin that allows for dynamic publishing through the Movable Type Perl engine. Performance is slightly different to the standard dynamic publishing capabilities offered through Movable Type. Any currently installed plugins and templates can be used as is without the…

RandomArray 6.0

This plugin takes random values from a Movable Type array and returns these values as a new array. ### Download This plugin can be downloaded from the following link: bit-part/mt-plugin-RandomArray ### Usage This plugin is very simple to use,…


DynamicMTML is the PHP extension framework for Movable Type. By using mod_rewrite to pass the HTTP request to the dynamic site Bootstrapper (.mtview.php), MTML Tags in static files will be processed by Movable Type’s dynamic publishing engine. This framework also…

ITEMAN Dynamic Publishing

ITEMAN Dynamic Publishing provides a Perl-based dynamic publishing system that works as a replacement for the PHP-based dynamic publishing built into Movable Type. It allows you to publish Web pages dynamically with normal publishing workflow as well as the built-in…

Hybrid Pagination 4.3

A plugin that provides support for paginating a MT template module. It relies on MT’s dynamic publishing feature, but does not require the first page itself to be published dynamically.