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ITEMAN Dynamic Publishing v0.4.0

By Atsuhiro Kubo
Posted May 16, 2009, in Dynamic Publishing.


ITEMAN Dynamic Publishing provides a Perl-based dynamic publishing system that works as a replacement for the PHP-based dynamic publishing built into Movable Type. It allows you to publish Web pages dynamically with normal publishing workflow as well as the built-in dynamic publishing.

In contrast to the built-in dynamic publishing, ITEMAN Dynamic Publishing works well with your existing Perl-based plugins.


  • Publishes Web pages dynamically.
  • Can use your existing Perl-based plugins.
  • Makes publishing easier.
  • Fast.
  • Can use a custom 404 page.
  • Supports PersistentPerl (SpeedyCGI) and FastCGI.



Movable Type versions:



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