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Ajax Ratings Pro

Ajax Rating is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to rate your entries or your blog.

NotifyList 6.0 Verified

This plugin enables providing Movable Type email notification support.

A-Form to Entry Japanese only

A-Form to Entry is a plugin that takes forms created by the “A-Form” plugin and either inserts the form into a blog entry or publishes it. Functions / Features A-Form allows you to easily post an entry from as a…

We Tags 4.3

Configuration Settings WeTagsLoginRequired Require logged in user to add tags through the community pack. Defaults to 1. WeTagsRebuildEntries Rebuild tagged entries (in the background if possible). Defaults to 1. Tags None UI Changes None Comments application changes Added add_tag method….


The Messaging plugin for Movable Type provides a Twitter-like messaging system that allows a user to post and view status updates.

Browser ID Commenters ?

This plugin enables commenters to register to your blog using their BrowserID identities

PostTwiOAuth 4.35.0

Post entry title and permalink to Twitter with OAuth. Twitter client system….

Anonymous Public Posts 4.3

Provides the ability to accept unauthenticated (anonymous) entry submissions from your community.

Yandex OpenID 5.1

Yandex is a Russian search engine and the largest Russian Web portal. With this plugin, users of Yandex can sign in to your blog….

Facebook Connect Commenters 4.35.1

The Facebook Connect Commenters plugin for Movable Type allows commenters to login to your blog using their Facebook account. It makes use of the Facebook Connect APIs to provide a rich user experience. Commenters are able to automatically bring their name, profile photo, and friends with them when commenting on a blog running this plugin.

Forums Utilities ?

The Forum Utilities plugin that provides a collection of tools and utilities often found in forum software to help enhance and elevate the quality of conversation among commenters and visitors. Its features include: Promote Comments to Entries - convert a…

Poll Position

Poll Position adds a fast and easy way to create polls in Movable Type. Add a poll to your site by simply choosing Poll from MT’s Create menu. Maintain an unlimited number of polls, along with an unlimited number of responses

Yahoo! OpenID 4.3

This plugin utilizes Movable Type’s extensible Open ID Login framework to give a preferential and customized login experience for Yahoo! users on Movable Type blogs….

NotifyReplyee 4.3

In Movable Type 4, there’s a new way to easily reply to user comments by using the “Reply” links in comment listings in the content manager, or the “Reply to this comment” link when editing a comment. Doing so shows…

MT Forum 4.3

An integrated forum plugin for Movable Type sites….

User Profiles 4.3

Add User Photos (Avatars) using the User Profiles plugin. User Profiles is a plugin for Movable Type 4 that extends the user profiles in MT4. Version 1.0 adds the ability to user profile images (sometimes called avatars) from within the…

Polls 4.3

SodaHead provides an innovative platform for not only providing fun and interesting functionality for your blog, but also by providing a service that can help gather important demographic information about your readers and visitors. This plugin integrates smoothly with Soda Head by allowing you to construct a poll from within Soda Head and then publishing that poll to your blog - either by embedding it into a post, or in the sidebar of your blog.

AIM OpenID Login 4.3

Based on Byrne Reese’s WordPress OpenID Login plugin, this plugin uses Movable Type’s OpenID Login framework to add a custom tab to the commenter login screen. AIM users and visitors from other AOL properties can log in with their screen…

WordPress OpenID 4.3

This plugin utilizes Movable Type’s extensible Open Id Login framework to give a preferential and customized login experience for users on Movable Type blogs….

Comment Subscribe 4.3

Keeping users participating in a thread about comments being made by other readers is crucial to the success of a community. People with an opinion should be brought back time and time again to continue in sharing their ideas with others. Comment Subscribe helps your audience stay more engaged with one another, by notifying them via email when follow up comments are posted to entries they themselves leave comments on. Emails are received as users opt-in to receive them, and all emails allow users to easily unsubscribe from future emails.

Comment Registration ?

Comment Registration is a plugin for Movable Type that enables readers to register an account on your site and login to post comments. Commenters register and login directly with your site, not via an external authentication service (this plugin does…

Ajax Rating 4.3

Ajax Rating is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to rate your entries or your blog. The “Pro” version of Ajax Rating lets you rate comments, trackbacks, categories, authors, tags, and just about anything else. Added features include…

Entry Post 4.3

Entry Post is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to your site to submit entries using a form. Visitors do not need a user account and they do not need to login (optionally, you can require that users…

Privacy 4.3

Privacy is a new plugin for Movable Type that allows you to define “read permissions” for assets in Movable Type (entries, categories and blogs). As a result, readers will first need to authenticate to be able to view the asset….

NotifyWho?! Verified

The NotifyWho?! plugin enables you to control exactly who should receive entry, comment and TrackBack notifications for each blog and when.

MT Protect ?

MT Protect finally gives you the ability to protect entries and blogs within Movable Type in three different ways: Password protection - protect your entries or blogs with a password which readers must correctly enter to gain access. Typekey protection…

reBlog Verified

Reblog is a Movable Type plugin that parses Atom and RSS feeds and transforms feed entries into Movable Type entries. Imports can be run either manually or in the background using run-periodic-tasks.