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Messaging v1.1.2

By Jay Allen
Posted November 23, 2013, in Communities.


Messaging, for Melody and Movable Type

The Messaging plugin provides an implementation of a Twitter-like messaging system which allows an MT/Melody user to post and view status updates stored locally in the MT/Melody database and perform other actions supported by Twitter, such as following other users, sending direct messages, etc. Most timeline views can also be published to the published blogs for the benefit of site visitors who are not registered users.

In essence, this plugin provides features which enable MT/Melody to act as a standalone clone of in terms of the service’s functionality.


  • Enables MT/Melody users to post local status updates from the administrative interface via a Dashboard widget.

  • Provides a number of public, private and user-specific timeline views of existing updates, also accessible from the dashboard widget

  • Enables users to post and view status updates using any third-party Twitter client that supports alternate Twitter-API-compatible endpoint URLs

  • Provides a set of template tags for outputting the timeline views of the status updates to the published site, if desired

What it doesn’t do

To clear up the inevitable confusion, the following is a list of things this plugin does not do:

  • Allow users to post status updates to
  • Allow users to read status updates from
  • Enable social actions (following, direct messages, etc) with users



  • Movable Type 4.x or 5.1+


The latest version of the plugin can be downloaded from the its Github repo. Tagged downloads are also available if you prefer.

After downloading and unpacking the distribution archive, follow the directions in the standard plugin installation tutorial.

Apache Configuration

Next, for the API to operate properly, the following SetEnvIfNoCase directive is a required addition to the Apache config:

SetEnvIfNoCase ^Authorization$ "(.+)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

The line above can be included in any part of the Apache configuration that governs access to (i.e. is evaluated and executed upon request of) the Messaging API script (msg.cgi) though, if you are unsure, we would suggest in either:

  • Apache server config (sudo or root access required)

    If you have write access to your Apache configuration files, enclose the line above in a Directory block targeting the script’s parent directory (which is probably MT_HOME).

    If your site is running as a virtual host, the Directory block should be created or already exist within a VirtualHost block.

  • .htaccess file:

    If you do not have the necessary permissions to edit your Apache server config files but they contain the minimum required AllowOverride setting (FileInfo), you can add the line to a file named .htaccess (that you will likely have to create) in the same directory as the script (which, again, is probably MT_HOME).


NOTE: If you can access $CGIPATH/msg.cgi from your web browser, replacing $CGIPATH with the value of your installation’s mt-config.cgi directive by the same name, you can skip this entire section!

This plugin provides a new MessagingScript configuration directive which defaults to msg.cgi and informs the system how to access the Messaging API script relative to the CGIPath URL.

If you’ve renamed the script to something other than msg.cgi, simply set MessagingScript to the new script filename. For example, if you renamed it to message.cgi, you would add:

MessagingScript  message.cgi

Or, if you moved the script with its original name, down into the plugin envelope, you would use:

MessagingScript  addons/Messaging.plugin/msg.cgi

Alternate API URL configuration

The plugin also supports an alternate method of defining the Messaging API URL as a special accommodation for a wide myriad of niche cases and advanced webserver configurations in which using CGIPath as the root of the API URL is either undesirable or not possible.

In this case, you can set the MESSAGINGAPIURL environment variable to the desired fully-qualified URL and this value will take precedence over MessagingScript and will be used directly with no modifications.

Like the instructions in the Apache Configuration section above for setting the SetEnvIfNoCase directive, this can be set by adding the following like to either in the Apache server config or in $MT_HOME/.htaccess:


Time Zones

You may notice that your Messages have a time stamp several hours off from what you expect.

Melody and Movable Type always save content with the date-time stamp set to GMT, then applies a time zone shift based upon your blog settings (the Timezone option in Preferences > General). Messaging is a system-level tool that doesn’t know about your blog timezone preference. You can make Melody and Movable Type aware of your preference with the [TimeOffset Configuration Directive][]. Example:

TimeOffset -4

Republish a Template after Message Submission

If you’re using the Messaging template tags, you may want to force an index template to republish when a new Message is received. In the blog where your template can be found, visit Tools > Plugins and find the Messaging plugin. Within the plugin’s Settings you can find the option to republish a template. Select the index template to republish and save.

The selected template will be published (in the background) whenever a new Message is received.


Simple: The Messaging Dashboard Widget

As noted in the overview, this plugin provides an interface to the basics of Messaging: a Dashboard Widget which gives the user a view of the [public timeline][] and allows them to update it with their own messages.

The widget can be added to either the blog- or system-level dashboard. Simply navigate to either page, select the “Messaging” widget from the “Select a Widget…” dropdown menu.

Administrative: Message listing and moderation screen

System administrators also have access to a message listing screen through which they can perform moderation duties, toggling a message’s visibility or deleting it outright. This screen can be accessed via:

  • System Overview header nav dropdown » Messages, or
  • System dashboard » Manage » Messages

Advanced: Third-party client access

The Messaging plugin’s programmatic interface conforms to the [Twitter API][].[1] which also enables a user to interface with the system through any third-party Twitter client (e.g. the official Twitter client, Tweetie, TweetDeck, etc) which supports alternate Twitter-compatible services.

The default API URL endpoint to use in supporting clients is very similar to the main MT admin URL:


Messaging works with Basic authentication (not OAuth). The following Twitter API methods have been implemented and tested in Messaging:

  • statuses/public_timeline
  • statuses/home_timeline
  • statuses/friends_timeline
  • statuses/user_timeline
  • statuses/show
  • statuses/update
  • statuses/destroy
  • account/verify_credentials
  • help/test
  • search

The Dashboard Widget uses Ajax to access statuses/public_timeline and statuses/update so if you want to use Ajax you can find those examples in addons/TwitterAPI.plugin/tmpl/dashboard_widget.mtml.

[1] - Not all methods are fully supported yet. See KNOWN ISSUES AND LIMITATIONS for details.

Authenticating with the Messaging API

For security reasons, an MT author’s password is never used to authenticate with the Messaging API. Instead, the user’s credentials are comprised of and validated against their username and API password.

The API Password is a special-use password automatically generated by the application when a user is first created and intended only for use with third-party web services and authoring tools such as blogging clients.

Use of the API password provides greater security because it causes the application to establish a restricted session which provides no access to the administrative interface and only a small subset of the functionality normally available to a user but that which is completely sufficient for executing a complete authoring-specific workflow.

The API Password can be found, retrieved and reset, if desired, on the user’s profile page.

Behind the Scenes

The Messaging plugin allows for long and short status messages: if you use the Dashboard Widget you’ll see a 140-character counter. However, this limit is only enforced by Javascript: the mt_tw_message.tw_message_text field is a “mediumtext” field, meaning it is limited to about 16 million characters.

Hashtags (example: #messaging) included in a message are abstracted out of the message and converted into Tags. “Private” hashtags are also supported (example: #@privatemessaging).


The Messaging plugin includes a search feature, just as the Twitter API does. Refer to the Twitter API documentation to use the search feature; below is some implementation information discovered during use that may not be clear from the Twitter docs.

use the required q parameter to make keyword and hashtag searches. The rpp and page (“limit” and “offset” in MT parlance) are also implemented for keyword searches. Additional valid parameters: since_id, max_id.

Search results contain the following keys: results, page, max_id, next_page, query, refresh_url, since_id, results_per_page.

  • max_id is set to the highest ID in of the messages shown in the current results set if no max_id parameter was supplied in the query. This means that if you do something like q=foobar&page=2, you will get the highest ID on page 2, not the highest ID from the (invisible) page 1.

  • If max_id is set in the query string, the max_id in the result set will match with it, even if the message with that actual ID is not visible on the current page. Example: q=foobar&page=2&max_id=30 will show items from 15 on down, as item 30 is on page 1.

  • The next_page parameter always contains the max_id string, to guarantee a continuous list, even if new messages are inserted in the stream between queries.

  • Note that if you keep going for “next page” url the max_id always remains the same, since the ‘next page’ URL contains a max_id parameter.

  • The refresh_url parameter will put you at the most recent message in the stream matching the query, but results are guaranteed to be more recent than the since_id specified. Note that you may have to query page=2, page=3… and so on to get all the messages, until no more messages are returned. Also note that each of these pages will have its own refresh_url with a different since_id, and that you shouldn’t “follow” them like the next_page URL if you are attempting to pull in a list of updates more recent than a specific since_id. To do that you have to stick with the same since_id and keep incrementing the page number until you run out of results.


The most common mechanism for status retrieval will undoubtedly be repeated polling through the Messaging API because it allows you to retrieve and display the latest update messages in real-time, as quickly as you can connect and retrieve them.

However if you want to do something like publish an message archive or collate messages and blog entries for interleaved display using the template tags provided by the plugin may be easier.

Block Tags

To publish any detail about a Message use the block tag <mt:Messages>...</mt:Messages>. This block has the meta loop variables available (__first__, __last__, __odd__, __even__, __counter__), and has several valid arguments:

  • id
    Specify the ID of a message to grab only that message.

  • sort_by
    Valid options: created_on, created_by
    Default: created_on

  • sort_order
    Valid options: descend, ascend
    Default: descend

  • limit
    An integer used to limit the number of results.

  • offset
    Start the results “n” topics from the start of the list.

If a message contains hashtags, they can be published as tags using the <mt:MessageTags>...</mt:MessageTags> block tag. Within this block the familiar Tag function tags can be used: <mt:TagName>, <mt:TagID>, etc. Valid arguments for this block tag are:

  • glue A text string that is used to join each of the items together.

  • include_private Set to “1” to include both public and private (#@example) tags.

Function Tags

Most of these function tags act just as you’d expect:

  • MessageID
    Returns the ID of this message.

  • MessageText
    Returns the text of the message.

  • TopicAuthorID
    Returns the ID of the author associated with the message. Feed this to an Authors block to access the author context.

  • TopicDate
    Returns the date of the message. Use any of MT’s date formatting modifiers when publishing.

Template Recipes

Display the 10 newest messages:

<mt:Messages limit="10">
    <mt:If name="__first__">
        <h3>My awesome messages!</h3>
            <li id="message-<mt:MessageID>">
                <div class="text">
                <div class="author">
                    <mt:MessageAuthorID setvar="author_id">
                    <mt:Authors id="$author_id">
                <div class="created">
                    <mt:MessageDate format="%d/%m/%Y">
    <mt:If name="__last__">


The Twitter API supports many other methods (and by extension features) that have not been implemented in Messaging. Some of these methods have had their implementation started (or even completed), but haven’t been tested or integrated with the rest of the capabilities of Messaging.

Search API Methods

  • search - Implemented according to the notes above.
  • trends
  • trends/current
  • trends/daily
  • trends/weekly

Timeline Methods

  • statuses/mentions - 0%
  • statuses/retweeted_by_me - 0%
  • statuses/retweeted_to_me - 0%
  • statuses/retweets_of_me - 0%

Status Methods

  • statuses/friends - 90%
  • statuses/followers - 90%
  • statuses/retweet - 0%
  • statuses/retweets - 0%

User Methods

  • users/show - 100%
  • users/search

List Methods

  • POST lists (create)
  • POST lists id (update)
  • GET lists (index)
  • GET list id (show)
  • DELETE list id (destroy)
  • GET list statuses
  • GET list memberships
  • GET list subscriptions

List Members Methods

  • GET list members
  • POST list members
  • DELETE list members
  • GET list members id

List Subscribers Methods

  • GET list subscribers
  • POST list subscribers
  • DELETE list subscribers
  • GET list subscribers id

Direct Message Methods

  • direct_messages
  • direct_messages/sent
  • direct_messages/new
  • direct_messages/destroy

Friendship Methods

  • friendships/create - 100%
  • friendships/destroy - 100%
  • friendships/exists - 100%
  • friendships/show - 100%

Social Graph Methods - 0%

  • friends/ids
  • followers/ids

Account Methods

  • account/rate_limit_status
  • account/end_session
  • account/update_delivery_device
  • account/update_profile_colors
  • account/update_profile_image
  • account/update_profile_background_image
  • account/update_profile

Favorite Methods

  • favorites - 100%
  • favorites/create - 100%
  • favorites/destroy - 100%

Notification Methods

  • notifications/follow
  • notifications/leave

Block Methods

  • blocks/create
  • blocks/destroy
  • blocks/exists
  • blocks/blocking
  • blocks/blocking/ids

Spam Reporting Methods

  • report_spam

Saved Searches Methods

  • saved_searches
  • saved_searches/show
  • saved_searches/create
  • saved_searches/destroy

OAuth Methods

  • oauth/request_token
  • oauth/authorize
  • oauth/authenticate
  • oauth/access_token


Please see for all of the above.


Movable Type versions:






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