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NotifyReplyee v1.0

By Patrick Benny
Posted April 24, 2008, in Communities.


In Movable Type 4, there's a new way to easily reply to user comments by using the "Reply" links in comment listings in the content manager, or the "Reply to this comment" link when editing a comment. Doing so shows a dialog where the author can write their reply.

This plugin, NotifyReplyee, allows automatically sending an email to the person being replied to ("replyee"). The "Reply" dialog shows an "email notification" option which sends an email when checked.

The reply comment's text can optionally be included in the email.


- When you make a reply, use the on-screen "Email notification" and "Include text" options, and even set the notification language. Plugin config allows setting defaults at system and blog level.
- Plugin config also allows setting whether to BCC the author (MT user replying to comment)
- Multilingual notification emails (built-in English, French and Japanese). For blogs getting comments in different languages (mine gets comments in English, French and Japanese), it is possible to select the notification language within the "Reply" dialog.
- Multilingual interface (English, French and Japanese)


Movable Type versions: 4.3