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A-Form to Entry v1.0

By ARK-Web
Posted March 25, 2014, in Communities.


A-Form to Entry is a plugin that takes forms created by the "A-Form" plugin and either inserts the form into a blog entry or publishes it.

Functions / Features

A-Form allows you to easily post an entry from as a "Blog Post". For example, if you want to post a form to your blog for your viewers to see, or if you want to gather information over an intranet system, A-Form to Entry would be an ideal solution.

  • From the A-Form Settings Tab, enter the related parts ID to blog entry "Title", "Body Text", and "Tag" input fields. The form will then be inserted using these specifications.


  • If you want to set a custom field other than title, body text, or tags, it is possible to match the parts ID and the field basename from the A-Form side.

  • By default, the form entry will be saved as unpublished (draft).


A-Form PC:  MTOS 5 and newer  Movable Type Pro 5 and newer  Movable Type Advanced 5 and newer A-Form PC/Mobile:  Movable Type Pro 5 and newer  Movable Type Advanced 5 and newer ※ The "Keitai Kit" plugin by Idea Mans is required to run A-Form 3 PC/Mobile.


54,000 yen (includes tax) (1 product license per 1 copy of Movable Type)

Test / Purchase

Feel free to download the trial version of the product for free before purchasing. You will need to fill out a request form to access the free trial download link.

(link currently for Japanese version only)

※If you belong to an NPO, NGO, volunteer organization, or run a website related to the March 11th 2011 Tohoku earthquake disaster relief, see this page for information on the "Free License".


Movable Type versions: Japanese only

Language Note

A-Form to Entry or its documentation is not fully localized into English. If you are interested in using A-Form to Entry but require additional translation, please let us know by e-mailing