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Ajax Ratings Pro v1.4.11

By Mark Carey
Posted June 4, 2014, in Entry & Page.


Ajax Rating is a plugin for Movable Type that enables visitors to rate your entries or your blog.

Refer to for documentation on this plugin. The following documents additions made since version 1.261.


Version 1.3+ is converted to a config.yaml style plugin. Be sure to remove the old file when upgrading.

The upgrade process itself may not go smoothly with this change. You should expect to see an upgrade notice from MT twice: once to install the config.yaml style plugin, and a second time to migrate and update data.

Version 1.3 also changes its table names, shortening them for compatibility with Oracle. This change won’t require any modification to your templates. The change does require you to work with the database: the old table mt_ajaxrating_votesummary will need a new column created: ajaxrating_votesummary_vote_dist as type text. This must be done before the new plugin is installed.

Plugin data is stored differently with the config.yaml style, so you will need to re-set Ajax Rating Plugin Settings, at both the System and Blog level.


In System Overview > Plugins > Ajax Rating Pro > Settings, you’ll find an option to Enable IP Checking. This checkbox provides an easy way to restrict votes by IP address. Disable during development for easy testing.

Tag Reference


The tag AjaxRatingUserVotes is a block tag that outputs a list of the recent objects voted on by a specific user. Starting in 1.4.1, the sort order is most-recent vote first — note that the sorting it based on when the vote was made, NOT the date of the object. This tag is well suited to an Author archive or user profile page.


The tag AjaxRatingVoteDistribution is a block tag that will provide insight to the votes received on an object. Within this block tag, access the score and vote variables to understand the voting distribution, as in the following example:

    <mt:If name="__first__">
        <li><mt:Var name="score"> stars received <mt:Var name="vote"> votes.</li>
    <mt:If name="__last__">

As you’ll notice, the loop meta variables are also supported, including __first__, __last__, __odd__, __even__, and __counter__.

(Optional) JSON Output For Voting Script

(Advanced Feature) Staring in version 1.4.1, the voting script (mt-vote.cgi) can send its responses in JSON format. To request JSON format responses, POSTs to the voting script must include a format parameter set to json (&format=json).

Example responses:


    "obj_id": "64246",    # object id of object
    "status": "OK",       # OK indicates a successful save
    "vote_count": 29,     # number of votes for this object 
    "score": "5",         # score for this vote
    "total_score": 126,   # sum of scores for all votes.
    "obj_type": "entry",  # type of object, usually 'entry'
    "message": "Vote Successful"


    "status": "ERR",
    "message": "You have already voted on this item."

Get Votes Endpoint

The endpoint mt-getvotes.cgi returns the vote summary information for any given object. Data must be submitted through a POST request and must include blog ID (blog_id), object ID (obj_id), and object type (obj_type). Optionally, the format parameter can be set to json; it is text by default. Example:

Generates a JSON response such as:

    "message":"Vote summary retreived."

Many objects can be retrieved by specifying a comma-separated value for the obj_id argument. (Note that the specified object IDs must all be of the same object type.) Example:,124,125&format=json

Generates a JSON response such as:

        "message":"Vote summary retreived."
        "message":"Vote summary retreived."
        "message":"Vote summary retreived."


Movable Type versions:






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Cheerz, Romi

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