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reBlog v2.5.12

By Six Apart
Posted December 13, 2004, in Communities.


Reblog is a Movable Type plugin that parses Atom and RSS feeds and transforms
feed entries into Movable Type entries. Imports can be run either manually or
in the background using

# Installation

Install the Perl modules discussed above using installation procedures for
[PPM](, or the packaging system that is
supported by your operating system.

After downloading and uncompressing this package:

1. Upload the entire Reblog directory within the plugins directory of this
distribution to the corresponding plugins directory within the Movable Type
installation directory.
* UNIX example:
* Copy mt-plugin-reblog/plugins/reblog/ into /var/wwww/cgi-bin/mt/plugins/.
* Windows example:
* Copy mt-plugin-reblog/plugins/reblog/ into C:\webroot\mt-cgi\plugins\ .

# Configuration

Once installed, this plugin appears under the Tools menu in each blog in two

* Tools > Reblog Configuration
* Tools > Reblog Sourcefeeds

# Additional Documentation

Additional documentation is located at

# Authorship

This plugin has been contributed to by many current and former employees of Six
Apart, Ltd., After6 Services, 601am, Endevver, and See the
[Credits page](,-Copyright,-and-Credits)
on the Reblog wiki for a list of specific individuals who have contributed.

The Reblog concept was initially developed at
[]( by the
[Eyebeam Art and Technology Center](,
[Stamen Design](, and other contributors.

# Copyright

Copyright © 2007 - 2013, Six Apart Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Enhancements to update frequencies and hierarchical category support,
additional documentation, Copyright © 2011-2013, After6 Services LLC. All
Rights Reserved.

Additional documentation contained in the Wiki, Copyright © 2011-2012, 601am
LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Reblog supports the following versions of Movable Type:

  • Movable Type 4.25+
  • Movable Type 5.1+

Additional Perl Module Requirements

In addition to the System Requirements for Movable Type, Reblog requires the following Perl modules:

Optional Perl Modules

To improve the performance of Reblog, the following modules may also be installed.

Movable Type developers may also wish to install:

  • Six Apart’s MT::Test for running unit tests.


Movable Type versions: Verified