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@Style Bootstrap Theme for Movable Type v1.0

By 柳泰久
Posted March 25, 2014, in Theme: Personal site.


A 2 column (right sidebar) responsive design theme with a basis in Movable Type's Rainier and framework from Bootstrap. Includes Open Graph (Open Graph Protocol) and Microdata, structured data, and pagination. Theme design automatically becomes 1 column when viewed on a small screen, such as a smart phone.


  • A smart phone and tablet supported responsive design, based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. Browse from any location and get the same experience!
  • Super easy install with the "Theme" option; no coping or pasting required! The "About" page is also automatically created, meaning the only thing you need to do is edit the displayed information.
  • Uses the same pagination function as Rainier: 10 results are displayed per page and multiple pages are created automatically if results exceed 10
  • Sidebar widgets can be placed and used as desired
  • Comes packaged with a user manual (PDF)
  • Usable with both Movable Type 6 websites and blogs


Movable Type versions: Japanese only

Language Note

@Style Bootstrap Theme for Movable Type or its documentation is not fully localized into English. If you are interested in using @Style Bootstrap Theme for Movable Type but require additional translation, please let us know by e-mailing