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FriendFeed Comments v1.0

By Mark Carey
Posted June 26, 2008, in Comments, Trackback, Antispam.


FriendFeed is service that enables you aggregate and share your stuff from many other web sites, all in one place. Your feed can pull in your blog RSS feeds, photos from Flickr, videos from YouTube, tweets from Twitter, and many more. Each item in your feed -- whether it is a blog entry or tweet -- can be commented on by other FriendFeed users.

Some great discussions about blog entries can happen on FriendFeed. The only problem is that those conversations are off-site and separated from the entry published on your blog. One of the goals of the FriendFeed Comments plugin is to bring those comments back to your published blog entry, displaying them with on-site blog comments.

This plugin enables you to import and display comments made using FriendFeed on your entries. You can also use the plugin to enable your blog commenter to CC their comments to FriendFeed (if they have a FriendFeed account).


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