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Comment Author Context v1.0

By Brad Choate
Posted April 21, 2009, in MT Tags, Templates, Widgets.



In the context of a comment, all <$mt:AuthorSOMETHING$> function tags refer to the author of the entry or page where the comments were left. This default behavior in Movable Type (as of MT4.25) creates a situation where it is never possible to output author data for a commenter.


The CommentAuthorContext plugin creates a block tag called <mt:CommentAuthorContext> in which <$mt:AuthorSOMETHING$> function tags will refer to the author of the comment.


  1. Create a "user" CustomField. We'll use <$mt:AuthorDataTwitter$> for this example.
  2. Place the <mt:CommentAuthorContext> block tag inside the <mt:Comments> tag block (typically in the entry or page detail template).
  3. Place your "user" CustomFields inside the <mt:CommentAuthorContext> tag block.

Final code might look something like this:

        <a href="<$mt:AuthorDataTwitter$>/"><$mt:AuthorDataTwitter$></a>
        I'm an anonymous commenter

This could also be achieved without the plugin through this more processing intensive code:

    <$mt:CommentAuthor setvar="display_name"$>
    <mt:Authors display_name="$display_name" need_entry="0" need_association="0">
        <a href="<$mt:AuthorDataTwitter$>/"><$mt:AuthorDataTwitter$></a>


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