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Akismet v1.1

By Timothy Appnel
Posted November 19, 2007, in Comments, Trackback, Antispam.


Akismet is the official plugin for Movable Type that transparently integrates its junk handling capabilities with the Akismet collaborative spam filtering service.

For many people, Akismet will greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the comment and TrackBack spam you get on your sites. If one does happen to get through, simply mark it as Junk and Akismet will learn from the mistake.

This is the official plugin for Movable Type that was developed by Appnel Solutions for Automattic, the people behind the Akismet service.


Akismet account


Movable Type versions: 4.3


Timothy Appnel

Timothy Appnel is the Principal of Appnel Solutions. He has over 16 years of corporate IT and Internet systems development experience. He has been an active member of the Movable Type (MT) community since version 1.2 (December 2001) when he spearheaded the development of the first corporate weblog to use MT. He is an award-winning developer of numerous MT plugins and authored the Movable Type manual that debuted with the release of version 3.2.