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Contact Forms v1.0.10

By Dan Wolfgang
Posted March 11, 2009, in Applications.


Contact forms are one of the most common and oldest ways in which sites have provided their visitors with a way to contact them. They are preferable to many because using a form obviates the need to disclose an email address. But where many solutions fall short is that the form itself only automates the sending of an email. They offer very little customization and are unable to store submitted form data for searching later.

The Contact Forms plugin for Movable Type provides a comprehensive solution for allowing site administrators to manage multiple ways for their site's visitor's to contact them and ask them questions them questions via a simple form submission. Contact form submissions are then stored in the database and tracked to ensure that every message is replied to, and to make all responses searchable.

Finally, site administrators are given a simple screen on which they can monitor incoming inquiries and respond to them in kind via email.






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