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MT-Dispatch v2.02

By Reed A. Cartwright
Posted August 26, 2007, in Developer.


MT-Dispatch is a Perl application and plugin for Movable Type that allows Movable Type to run under FastCGI with functional background tasks and optionally externally to the web server. It also runs periodic tasks like the publishing queue.

The default Movable Type installation runs a new instance of Movable Type for each request. Blogs with moderate user levels can buckle under this overhead if they get a DOS attack on their trackback or comment scripts. MT-Dispatch is a Perl application that runs a multi-process FastCGI server for Movable Type. It runs external (or internal if necessary) to your web server and provides a persistent Movable Type environment.

Unlike Movable Type's new, native, FastCGI or mod_perl support, MT-Dispatch has no problem running background tasks. With MT-Dispatch you can have a persistent environment and avoid those annoying "rebuilding weblog" messages. MT-Dispatch also hooks into Movable Type's Dashboard allowing you to recycle the worker processes without dropping to the command line.


FCGI FCGI::ProcManager Sub::Override File::Slurp


Movable Type versions: 4.3


3 Comments on February 20, 2008, 7:25 a.m. Reply

When using rc script, it calls lighttpd’s spawn-fastcgi; i’m using it with nginx, which runs under other user. When using it on unix socket, it is permissions trouble. To fix it, edit

  # setup command_args
  if [ -n "${mt_dispatch_socket}" ]; then
             command_args="${command_args} -s ${mt_dispatch_socket} && chown ${mt_dispatch_user}:${mt_dispatch_group} ${mt_dispatch        _socket}; chmod g+rw ${mt_dispatch_socket}"

ToniMueller on June 18, 2009, 7:21 a.m. Reply

The homepage of the plugin mentions versions 2.0 and up for compatibility with more recent versions of MTOS.


newstart028 on July 6, 2016, 7:06 a.m. Reply

This plugin enables one to relate location information to each data type in Movable Type (user, blog, and entry). 192.168.l.l

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