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TagInvoke v1.0

By Stepan Riha
Posted February 9, 2004, in MT Tags, Templates, Widgets.


MovableType tags use attributes to modify their behavior. For example, the MTEntries tag uses the lastn attribute to specify how many entries to display.

In some situations, you would like to be able to use MT tags to specify the value in another MT tag attribute. However, MovableType does not allow this type of tag nesting. Some plugins get around this limitation by allowing you to use an alternate syntax for specifying tags in attribute values (usually by using brackets around the tag name).

This plugin allows you to use MT tags for specifying attributes in all MT tags. The plugin uses the MTInvokeTag tag to specify which tag should be called. Inside the MTInvokeTag you can specify attributes using the MTTagAttribute tags.

<MTTagInvoke tag_name="MTAmazon" associateid="nonplus" method="Asin">
<MTTagAttribute name="search"><MTEntryKeywords></MTTagAttribute>