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Entries Block Tag Status Filter Argument v0.1.1

By Alfasado Inc.
Posted October 29, 2013, in MT Tags, Templates, Widgets.


In most situations a template should render the Entries marked as “published.” There are scenarios, however, when publishing entries with other statuses is required. This plugin facilitates that with a new argument for the Entries block tag: status_filter.

Entries have one of the following statuses:

  • Unpublished (1)
  • Published (2)
  • Review (not commonly used, 3)
  • Scheduled (4)
  • Junk (used with community-submitted content, 5)

The status_filter argument takes one or more of the numeric status representations; more than one should be in a comma-separated list. Examples are shown below.

The default behavior to render entries marked “published”:

<mt:Entries status_filter="2">

Render any Entries marked “unpublished”:

<mt:Entries status_filter="1">

Show all unpublished, published, and scheduled Entries:

<mt:Entries status_filter="1,2,4">


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