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Entry CSV Export v1.0.2

By Dan Wolfgang
Posted March 27, 2013, in Entry & Page.


A plugin for Movable Type installations which provides a very basic export-to-CSV functionality for entries/pages to facilitate easier review of entry/page metadata.

  • Enables full-fidelity export of entry/page data in CSV format for those entries/pages selected from the listing screen.
  • Export selected Entries/Pages or all Entries/Pages in a given blog, or system-wide.


Unzip the download archive. Move the resulting folder to $MT_HOME/plugins/ (where $MT_HOME is your MT or Melody application directory).

If you use Git, you can do the following:

cd $MT_HOME/plugins
git clone


There is no configuration for this plugin.


At the blog, website, or system level visit Manage > Entries or Manage > Pages.

Export selected Entries/Pages by placing checkmarks next to the items to export, then from the "More actions..." drop down select "Export as CSV" then click "Go."

To export all Entries/Pages, click the checkbox in the listing header, which will select all visible objects. A new row in the listing table will appear: click "Select all xxx items," then choose "Export as CSV" from the "More actions..." drop down and click "Go." Users of Movable Type 4.3x: choose "Export this blog's entries (CSV)" from the Actions topic in the sidebar.

Depending upon the amount of data to export it could take a few minutes until you are able to begin downloading the CSV file.

Help, Bugs, and Feature Requests

If you are having problems installing or using the plugin, please check out our general knowledge base and help ticket system at

If you know that you've encountered a bug in the plugin or you have a request for a feature you'd like to see, you can file a ticket in Github Issues.


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Dan Wolfgang

Dan is an engineering creative and uses his vast knowledge of the web to solve unique client problems with specialized solutions. Complex or straightforward, his focus is to find the most efficient, functional, elegant, and stable solutions for each project. 10 years in web engineering and 14 more in the print publishing industry give him a special insight to the needs, restrictions, and workflows of content publishers, both traditional and new media. Dan is an active Movable Type community member who has written and contributed to countless plugins including some of the most popular: More Custom Fields, Poll Position, and Asset Image Quality.

Twitter: @danwolfgang