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NowPlaying v2.0.0.0

By Brandon Fuller
Posted June 3, 2004, in Web Services.


This plugin will allow you to publish what song you are listening to on iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Winamp at the time you write a blog entry.

<p class="posted">
<MTNowPlayingIf name="title">
I was listening to
<MTNowPlayingIf name="urlamazon">
<a href="<$MTNowPlaying name="urlamazon"$>"><$MTNowPlaying name="title"$></a>
<MTNowPlayingIf name="urlamazon" state="0">
<b><$MTNowPlaying name="title"$></b>
by <i><$MTNowPlaying name="artist"$></i> when I wrote this.<br/>
Posted by <$MTEntryAuthor$> at ...