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Linked Entry Custom Fields v1.0.6

By Six Apart
Posted October 3, 2008, in Custom Fields.


This plugin converts custom fields created by the RightFields plugin [1] to Movable Type’s native custom fields. It also provides an additional custom field type that RightFields provided: the linked entry [2].


Unpack the distribution package to your Movable Type directory.

Once the LinkedEntryCustomFields folder is installed in your installation’s plugins directory, you have finished the installation. Note however that if you are running Movable Type under FastCGI, you will have to restart your web server in order for the plugin to be recognized.


To convert custom fields created with the RightFields plugin, click “System Overview” to go to the MT System Overview. From the Preferences menu, select “Custom Fields.” In the “Actions” section of the sidebar, use the “Convert RightFields to Custom Fields” action to convert your custom fields.


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