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Bob the Rebuilder v1.2.1

By Steve Cook
Posted March 30, 2009, in Rebuilding.


When publishing an Entry in Movable Type, the related templates are also published: the entry, a category archive, monthly archive, and main index, for example. Often in large multiblog installs, however, circumstances arise where some templates aren’t republished when needed.

Bob the Rebuilder provides a way to republish a blog or website (or a part of a blog or website) on a recurring schedule. For example, create a job to republish an entire blog every 24 hours, or create a job to republish all index archives every 10 minutes. An unlimited number of jobs can be created to republish any blog (or part of it) according to a number of set frequency choices.


To install this plugin follow the instructions found here:


Bob the Rebuilder is configured at the System level (Tools > Rebuilder). “Jobs” are used to rebuild a website/blog or part of a website/blog on a schedule, and can be enabled or disabled as needed.

“Create a rebuilder job” to get started: specify a website or blog, what you want to republish, its frequency, and save it. Done!

It’s important to be aware of the load you may be placing on the server — many jobs each republishing an entire blog every few minutes is goint to take a lot of resources. Planning site architecture is outside of the scope of this document, but the goal should be to publish efficiently. Only publish what needs to be republished, and republish as little as possible.

Tip: if a blog’s archives need to be republished, republish each archive type with a different job using a different schedule. Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly archives almost definitely don’t need to be published every few minutes or hours, however a category archive may need much greater frequency.


This plugin is not an official Six Apart release, and as such support from Six Apart for this plugin is not available.


  • run-periodic-tasks must be running


Movable Type versions: 5.15.2