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Asset Gallery

Asset Gallery lets you easily create collections for your entries, such as photo galleries. Combining MT4's built-in asset manager with powerful custom fields capabilities, you simply upload your files using the familiar Movable Type interface and the plugin does the rest, even offering a fancy carousel view of your images right within the MT interface. Asset Gallery supports non-photo uploads, too, supporting display of video files, Word documents, PDFs or anything else on any page on your site.

To display the assets on your blog, Asset Gallery gives you a new custom template tag with the -Assets block/container tag (within which you can use any MTAsset tag).

For example, if you had created a custom field with a custom tag of MTEntryPhotoGallery, you could use the following code to display the images in your gallery:

    <a href="<mt:AssetURL>" title="<mt:AssetLabel>"><img src="<mt:AssetThumbnailURL>" /></a>


Custom Fields (included with the Professional Pack)