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Poll Position

Poll Position adds a fast and easy way to create polls in Movable Type.

  • Add a poll to your site by simply choosing Poll from MT's Create menu.
  • Maintain an unlimited number of polls, along with an unlimited number of response choices for each poll.
  • Visitors seamlessly interact with polls through AJAX.
  • Cookies track whether a visitor has voted already.
  • Automatically generate (and cache) bar charts to display poll results.
  • Allow authors to include a poll in an entry using the "Poll" Custom Field type with Poll Position: Champion.

Why should you use Poll Position on your site instead of another service?

  • Style the poll form and results to match your site's current design.
  • Integration with Movable Type means one less login to remember.
  • Authors are already familiar with the excellent MT interface, so can quickly and easily get started.
  • The number of polls and votes is unlimited!

Poll Position is available in two version: a full-featured free version, and a comprehensive commercial version.


Using the "Poll" Custom Field type (which is a part of Poll Position: Champion only) requires the Movable Type Professional Pack or Movable Type Pro.