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Post Office - Moblogging for Movable Type

Post Office is a plugin for Movable Type that allows users to post to their blog via email. It works by connecting Movable Type to an existing email account, like GMail or any POP or IMAP compliant mailbox, and periodically scanning for messages to post. Each user can be given a unique email address to which to post to uniquely identify them and the blog they want to post to when sending an email.


Before you begin be sure you have the following prerequisites and software installed:

  • Mail::IMAPClient (for IMAP)
  • Mail::POP3Client (for POP)
  • Email::Address
  • Email::MIME
  • IO::Socket::SSL

Then install the plugin per its README.txt file. Finally configure the plugin via Post Office's plugin settings screen. When the plugin is configured, and if the current user has setup an API Password, then a link will be surfaced at the bottom of the Write Entry screen. The link contains the email address to which you should send your messages.


Mail::IMAPClient (for IMAP), Mail::POP3Client (for POP). Email::Address, Email::MIME