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Action Streams v2.32

By Six Apart
Posted June 9, 2010.


Action Streams for Movable Type collects your action on third party web sites into your Movable Type website. Using it, you can aggregate those actions for your reference, promote specific items to blog posts, and stream the whole set to your friends and readers. Action Streams are a powerful part of your web profile.

The plugin adds the ability for your Movable Type authors to list their accounts on third party web services. A periodic task then automatically imports your authors' activity on those services using XML feeds (where provided) and scraping HTML pages (where necessary). Your authors can then publish their action streams completely under their control: the provided template tags make it possible to display authors' accounts and actions on any page powered by Movable Type. The example templates and the provided template set also use the XFN and hAtom microformats and provide web feeds to integrate with tools your readers may be using.


Action Streams uses Movable Type’s scheduled task system to collect your action data from remote services. To run scheduled tasks, configure a cron job to run MT’s tools/run-periodic-tasks script periodically.

Add the following lines to your crontab to execute the script every 10 minutes:

Movable Type scheduled tasks

*/10 * * * * cd /path/to/mt; perl ./tools/run-periodic-tasks


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