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AssetDuJour v1.1

By François Nonnenmacher
Posted December 23, 2009, in Assets, Files, Uploading.


AssetDuJour is a plugin for Movable Type to preselect the date «du jour» (today) in the asset upload destination path.

With the default behavior of MT, authors tend to upload all assets in the same place: the Site Root (or the Archive Root if it is setup). It clutters this folder and increases the risk of adversely overwriting an existing file while uploading an asset with the same name.

With Asset Du Jour, the default path in the upload asset form will be either /YYYY/MM/DD or /YYYY/MM/DD, depending how the archives are configured, with YYYY/MM/DD set to today.


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François Nonnenmacher

Founder of Ubiquitic, a web consultancy based in Noumea, New Caledonia. François has more than 10 years of experience with Movable Type (from the time it was just Mena and Benjamin Trott in a garage!) and has implemented it in small and big business sites, such as the blogs of the Capgemini Group, as well as the blogs of Le Figaro, the first online news site in France.

Twitter: @François Nonnenmacher