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CheckRelease v1.16

By ideamans
Posted February 10, 2014, in Theme: Business site.


CheckRelease for Movable Type is a plugin that adds a work flow function to Movable Type.

After the Writer creates and saves a blog entry, the entry is then passed on to the Editor who checks the content before publication. CheckRelease helps prevent incorrect information, mispellings, or data that still requires editing from being published.


Features / Functions

Editor Selection The writer has the option to select who to send their entry approval request to.

**Entry Return** Once the Editor has checked the entry in question, they have the option of returing the entry to the original Writer for furhter edits. The Editor also has the option of adding a note explaining what edits are required.
**Entry Confirmation / Entry Return Email Notification** Notification is sent by email when an entry confirmation or entry return request is sent. The body text of the email contains a URL to the editing screen to the entry in question along with a preview URL.
**Entry Replacement** For entries that have already been published but need to be edited, it is possible to simply replace the already existing article with the updated version without having to delete or edit the page


Movable Type 5.01, Movable Type 6


Movable Type versions: Japanese only

Language Note

CheckRelease or its documentation is not fully localized into English. If you are interested in using CheckRelease but require additional translation, please let us know by e-mailing