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CrossPoster v1.0b1

By Arvind Satyanarayan
Posted August 22, 2007, in Web Services.


CrossPoster is a brand new plugin for Movable Type 4 that allows you simultaneously post entries to different weblogs (on different platforms) from Movable Type:

  • Personal bloggers enjoy keeping journals on services such as LiveJournal and Vox but find it hard to keep all of them in synch with each other. CrossPoster now allows you to compose your entries in Movable Type and simply check boxes to post these to your LiveJournal and Vox accounts.
  • Corporate bloggers need somewhere to stage (or preview) an entry before publishing it to the production (or live) site. Compose your entry on your staging server and once you're ready, simply check a box to post the entry to your production server!
  • Atom API - CrossPoster makes use of industry standards to crosspost your entry. The Atom API is supported by the vast majority of popular weblogging platforms.
  • Connectors - CrossPoster has been built in a completely extensible fashion. Connectors for CrossPoster allow you to crosspost your account to any weblogging platform. By default connectors for LiveJournal, Vox and Movable Type are available. Forthcoming developer docs will illustrate how easy it is to create a connector (a matter of 5 minutes!)
  • Post and Edit - in the past, similar plugins have been available but have unfortunately been limited in only posting or editing entries. If you were to go back and edit an entry that was crossposted, CrossPoster will attempt to crossupdate too (provided that the platform being crossupdated to supports it!)


Movable Type versions: 4.3