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Custom Asset Markup v0.6.1

By Jay Allen
Posted February 6, 2011, in Design.


The Custom Asset Markup plugin was created to address the issue in Movable Type 4+ where assets embedded into entries are wrapped with HTML markup that is hard coded into MT::Asset and MT::Asset::Image. Having markup hard-coded into the templates presents a number of problems:

  • The markup is not customizable by designers who wish to control the look and feel of embedded assets
  • The markup contains inline CSS styles which, by definition, cannot be overridden by user-developed CSS
  • The markup has been found to be incompatible with a small number of environments, particularly those in tightly controlled corporate Intranets.

This plugin provides administrators with a way to easily and arbitrarily customize the inserted markup via the template system.


Movable Type versions: 4.3