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Default Site Tags v1.0

By Jay Allen
Posted August 7, 2009.


This is a very simple plugin which adds two template tags:

  • mt:SiteURL
  • `mt:SiteRoot``

These two tags correspond to the DefaultSiteURL and DefaultSiteRoot config directive settings in mt-config.cgi.


This program is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.


Simply drop the directory plugins/DefaultSiteTags contained in this archive into your MT_HOME/plugins directory.

If you are running under FastCGI or other persistent environment, you will need to restart your webserver in order to activate the plugin in your Movable Type installation.


In a typical setup when one blog publishes to the DefaultSiteRoot and others publish in subdirectories off of the root, mt:BlogURL is not predictable in global templates. If all blogs share CSS, Javascript, a site images directory, etc, and you don't want to hardcode URLs, these two configuration directives are your salvation.

However, the only way to access these values is via the much longer:

<$mt:Var name="config.DefaultSiteURL"$>
<$mt:Var name="config.DefaultSiteRoot"$>

Ick. Instead, we use:


Much better...


The tags output the values of the DefaultSiteURL and DefaultSiteRoot configuration directives. If these are not set, the tags output nothing.


If you have additional feature requests or require support for an issue with this plugin, please contact the author.


Movable Type versions: 4.3