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Facebook Tools

By Mark Carey
Posted August 26, 2010, in Social Media.


Automatically Post New Entries to Facebook

The Facebook Tools plugin for Movable Type enables you to easily and automatically share your MT entries on Facebook. The plugin pushes updates directly to Facebook immediately when entries are published, avoiding the delays of other services. Futurer versions of the plugin will add additional Facebook integration features.

Post New Entries to Facebook Within Seconds of Publishing

There are a number of free services out there that will automatically share your entries to Facebook. In most cases, these services work by periodically checking your blog's RSS feed for new entries to post. While this works, it means a time lag or delay before new items get posted to Facebook. The delays get worse and more frequent when these services become popular. TwitterFeed has over 1,000,000 users and NetworkedBlogs has over 300,000 -- because they have so many RSS feeds to check, it can often be a long time before they get around to yours. The Facebook Tools plugin solves this delay problem by pushing the Facebook updates directly from MT, immediately, when the entry is published.


Most required modules are included in the download file for Facebook Tools. Because the Facebook API uses “Oauth 2.0”, it must use SSL. As such, one of following are required (plus any dependancies), but may already be installed by default on your server:

Crypt::SSLeay OR IO::Socket::SSL

If your system doesn’t not already have one of these, note that the latter is known to be easier to install.