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ImageInfo v1.0

Posted April 7, 2004, in Assets, Files, Uploading.


Display image EXIF data along with image on weblog page. Especially useful with digital camera pictures, which often store a lot of EXIF data (time stamp, f/stop, shutter speed, ISO setting, white balance, etc.) inside each picture.

<MTImageInfo img="[MTBlogSitePath]/images/BrokenWindow.jpg"
leading_text="[li]" trailing_text="[/li]">
<$MTImageInfoField name="width" label="[strong]Width:[/strong] "$>
<$MTImageInfoField name="height" label="[strong]Height:[/strong] "$>
<$MTImageInfoField name="CoolBits" label="[strong]Cool Bits:[/strong] "$>
<$MTImageInfoField name="DateTime" label="[strong]Date:[/strong] "
format="%a %d %b %Y"$><br />


Image::Info (version 1.15 or greater) File::Basename




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Shawn M. Sullivan

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