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Log4MT v2.0.1

By Jay Allen
Posted June 23, 2008, in Developer.


The Log4MT plugin enhances Movable Type with the fantastic and ultra-powerful Log4Perl logging framework. Like Log4perl, Log4MT enables you to debug your code, handle exceptions or send notifications with one of six priorities (trace, debug, info, warn, error, fatal).

The output of those messages can go to any of the following:

  • The webserver error log
  • An arbitrary file
  • Any database
  • Any socket
  • One or more arbitrary email addresses
  • The syslog
  • ...and many more!

What's more, with Log4MT you can completely control not only the formatting of those messages but also exert granular control over what messages should trigger output, which output methods they should trigger or which messages should be ignored altogether.

For an overview on Log4MT's capabilities, see the excellent overview of Log::Log4perl "Retire your debugger, log smartly with Log::Log4perl!"


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