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More Listing Framework Columns v1.0.8

By Dan Wolfgang
Posted May 9, 2014, in Administrative Interface.


Movable Type’s Listing Framework is a fantastic way to get an overview and review content — it’s responsible for the “Manage” screens. The column sorting and filtering options are very powerful!

You may have noticed, however, that not all content is visible on the Listing Framework screens. This plugin adds more columns to the Listing Framework, including Custom Fields!

By default, user-created Listing Framework filters are available to only the user that created them. Any user can access them through System Overview > Listing Filters, however this is less convenient than simply having them available on the screen they are for. So, this plugin will also make any user-created filter available to all users, making it easy to share filters with all users.

Included Columns

The following is a list of additional columns this plugin adds to the Listing Framework (in addition to Custom Fields for any object type):

  • Activity Log: ID, Class, Category, Level, Metadata

  • Assets: Class, Description, URL, File Path, File Name, File Extension, Image Width, Image Height

  • Author: ID, Basename, Preferred Language, Page Count, Lockout Status

  • Blog: Description, Site Path, Site URL, Archive Path, Archive URL, Theme

  • Comment: ID, IP Address, Commenter URL, Commenter Email

    Also, updated the Entry/Page column to include both a link to the edit the Entry/Page, as well as a link to view the published page.

  • Commenters: Basename, Preferred Language

  • Website: Description, Site Path, Site URL, Archive Path, Archive URL, Theme


  • Movable Type 5.1+


To install this plugin follow the instructions found here:


Visit any Listing Framework page and click the Display Options button in the upper-right corner of the screen to enable any additional columns or fields available.

Custom Fields will be available for display, though note that the displayed value may not be what you expect. Some Custom Fields types such as “Single-Line Text” will display the content of the field, while other Custom Field types such as “Checkbox” will simply display 1 or 0 to indicate true or false/checked or unchecked. Other more complex Custom Fields, such as those found in the More Custom Fields plugin have complex data structures that may not display clearly.

Dan would like to improve the display of those fields. If you’d like to help fund that work, send an email.


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