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Preview Share v1.4.1

By David Raynes
Posted January 3, 2014, in Administrative Interface.


Preview Share plugin for Movable Type

As the name says, the Preview Share plugin for Movable Type allows authors to share Entry previews with others. When previewing an Entry a new button labeled “Share Preview” is available — click it and you’ll be given a URL to share, as well as opportunity to email this URL (and specify a message) to a list of recipients.


To install this plugin follow the instructions found here:


Configuration Directives

  • PreviewShareDirectory

    Defaults to StaticFilePath/support/previews

  • PreviewShareUrl

    Defaults to StaticWebPath/support/previews/

  • PreviewShareLogPreviews

    Whether or not to log shared previews to the activity log.

    Defaults to 1 (on).

  • PreviewShareSkipPublish

    Whether or not to skip the publishing step of entry saving when the shared preview entry is set to published. In other words, whether or not to follow the normal flow of publishing for entries or to force the post-preview share redirect to go directly to the entry edit page.

    Defaults to 1 (on).

Blog-Level Settings

Visit a blog and choose Tools > Plugins to find Preview Share, then click Settings. Select which Index Templates should be included in the previews to be shared.


  • Adds a “Share Preview” button to the live entry preview header. This action will save the entry being previewed. (N.B. that means that if the entry being previewed had been changed to published but not saved, it *will* be published if the preview is shared and the PreviewShareSkipPublish setting is turned off)

    The shared preview will also include any index templates set to be rebuild on entry publish (i.e., static).


  • Sendmail or SMTP Mail must already be configured with Movable Type.


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