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Theme: Shady v2.0

By Dan Wolfgang
Posted August 7, 2011, in Theme: Business site.


Shady contains two themes for Movable Type: a blog and a photo gallery.

This is an old theme — my first, in fact — originally developed for a client in 2007(?), I believe. It surely contains lots of old and outdated methods, though I have begun updating some of that (example: making better use of Config Assistant and Theme Manager’s capabilities).

Getting Started

Create blog(s) and specify the Config Directives, then visit the main blog’s documentation for more details on set up (found at Design > Theme Dashboard > Documentation).

Create Blogs

Create a new blog with the “Shady Theme Pack (Blog)” template set. Optionally, also create a new blog with the “Shady Theme Pack (Photo Gallery)” template set.

Config Directives

Add the following config directives to mt-config.cgi:

MainBlogID [blog ID]
PhotoGalleryBlogID [blog ID]

The PhotoGalleryBlogID is optional, and is only needed if you’ve created a photo gallery blog. Of course, [blog ID] should be replace with the ID of the blog.


  • Movable Type Pro

Required plugins:

Optional, but useful plugins:


Movable Type versions: 4.3




Dan Wolfgang

Dan is an engineering creative and uses his vast knowledge of the web to solve unique client problems with specialized solutions. Complex or straightforward, his focus is to find the most efficient, functional, elegant, and stable solutions for each project. 10 years in web engineering and 14 more in the print publishing industry give him a special insight to the needs, restrictions, and workflows of content publishers, both traditional and new media. Dan is an active Movable Type community member who has written and contributed to countless plugins including some of the most popular: More Custom Fields, Poll Position, and Asset Image Quality.

Twitter: @danwolfgang